P25 Radio System

NybSys about to eliminate communication silos with one box that comes with both LTE-M, NB-IOT and now even P25

The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) instigated a set of standards: P25 or Project 25. Since then the public safety communications changed drastically, enabling advanced interoperability, and with that, the digital radio communications system got redefined! 

The P25 radio system is a user-driven suite of standards that can deliver digital Land Mobile Radio (LMR) services with a common air interface and common network interface.   This allows customers to mix and match portable and mobile devices and connect various consoles to the P25 system. 

P25 Radio System- Your Easy Switch to Digital Network

Are you still one of the primitive analog LMR network users? Do you want a quick upgrade to your existing analog system of communication? 

Well, the solution is pretty simple—Switch to P25 Solutions!

P25 standard associates with digital mode which ensures consistent digital signal quality needed for any mission-critical communication with a higher degree of standardization.

It is also spectrum efficient as it can work on narrow band frequency ranges allowing for more channels per system.

NybSys P25 Digital Radio LTE Integration

NybSys already has a fully functional LTE solution that comes with LTE-M and NB-IOT, all in the same box! Now, P25 is integrated with our existing network core by establishing a P25 base station connection. The public safety sector will now ensure a seamless integration between P25 radios and LTE devices.

It will not only execute connectivity among analog, digital radios and LTE devices but also establish encrypted data transmission that will prevent unwanted and unauthorized people from accessing confidential information. 

The infrastructure interoperability that is generated due to P25 Analogue/Conventional Channels, and also P25 Trunked Channels can now be implemented in the same box along with the LTE network provided by NybSys.

P25 Radio System Architecture

P25 Radio System Architecture

With P25 integration diagram, it is clear how remote towers can connect with P25 portable radios irrespective of the manufacturers. The base station site connects with the application server, PABX and console passing over the IP network. Nybsys brings it all together with purpose-built hardware and high-performance software that routes calls and radio traffic throughout the critical communications infrastructure including P25, DMR, TETRA, and LTE. Updated text for P25 Radio System Architecture.

P25 Network Architecture

NybSys provides a unified secured communication network that allows seamless distribution of P25 standards along with the LTE network. The P25 portable radios display similar functionalities to that of an analog radio but come with more advanced features applicable in the digital network. This allows easy transfer of data as well as digital encrypted voice over the IP network.

P25 Network Architecture

The LMR gateway can connect the P25, DMR, and TETRA radios to interoperate with neighboring or remote systems.  This allows for agency interoperability without trading radios or losing radio coverage. P25 portable repeaters can pave the way to extend P25 coverage and communicate with the Sentra Dispatch and the command infrastructure. This unified communication structure defines a faster and more secure communication method for multiple manufacturers of radio equipment without having to buy a single vendor solution.   

P25 Standard Features

  •     Mission-critical, high availability solution
  •     Listen to multiple talk groups simultaneously
  •     PTT group calls within the LTE network
  •     Talk directly to the dispatch center
  •     Priority and emergency calls 
  •     End-to-end encryption between LTE & P25
  •     Location services allow LTE & P25 units to be tracked
  •     Uses native P25 vocoder
  •     Runs on COTS LTE Android platforms
  •     Reduced cost of ownership
  •     Geographically dispersed disaster recovery node
  •     Fast call setup times between P25 & LTE devices

The P25 radio system is a proven technology that ensures encrypted data transmission and has better interoperability. And NybSys is the only vendor providing a complete communication ecosystem that includes P25, tactical LTE, PTT App, and a unified web-based Dispatch system. Get in touch with us and get a free demonstration of our solutions.

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