As the old saying goes – a thousand miles journey begins with a single step

As the old saying goes – a thousand miles journey begins with a single step. The long journey of NybSys started as DataNet in eSwatini.  Now NybSys is a true global brand with operations in 6 countries.

The beginning

We started in 2006 with traditional hardware, software, and training. The quality of our offerings build up a large client base. Our clients soon start demanding more from us. we started Strategic IT consultancy, advice on incorporating technology into business processes.

The road to success

We realized that adding true value to you means providing technology & services together. We have the ability to integrate a wide range of services into a single, simple package tailored to your needs. We do business analysis, software design and development, build communication solutions. We buy hardware,  arrange training and helpdesk support, data entry staff and customer service. We have a world class infrastructure with secured Data Centre with high availability solutions. We have a modern R&D lab with high speed Internet, and modern tools. Our Training Suite have Cisco video conferencing facility. Our customers like our simple and transparent pricing – either fixed price or per transaction.

The growth started

Moving to the new integrated business model proved to be a resounding success. We expanded rapidly over the last decade, forging new partnerships with clients. The model become popular in both developed and developing countries. We begin operating in more countries, utilizing the name NybSys (a reference to Nybbles which provides faster and better computer processing).

The story just begins

NybSys is moving forward with the vision to make a positive change in the lives of billions. We are a big believer in IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. IoT will change the way we work, the way things work and we will be part of the change.