Hotel Automation

Hotel Automation can be fully implemented by using NybSys iG100 IoT Gateway, Survello, and Sentra PTT.

Today the transformation of Hotel Automation has now become inevitable! If a hotel is not automated yet, soon it will fall under the burden of loss and it will be hard to stay in business due to excessive competition all around. To sustain such a situation, NybSys is here to provide a complete solution to turn hotels into smart ones.

With the help of NybSys iG100, which is the ultimate IoT gateway to implement as many sensors and actuators, a smart hotel can be built to meet all the requirements of hotel guests and can also make their stay in the hotel more comfortable and secure. It paves the way to endless possible applications that can be easily monitored and maintained using smart devices. To give an organized infrastructure to the hotel automation software, NybSys will integrate Survello, an AI-powered video analytics solution to the system. It will conduct necessary face recognition for authorization and all the guest details will be stored in the central management system. The information will be kept during their stay only and will be deleted right after their check-out. To ensure a safe environment, all the staff members will also be registered under the system and Survello will perform real-time analysis to detect any kind of unusual or suspicious movement.

Besides, our Sentra PTT-based application with dispatch console will create a secured communication line among the hotel management system, allowing them to form an instant connection without interruption and will also enable location tracking which will help them to track the staff members easily.


  • Automatic Temperature and Humidity adjustment using temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Embedded Fire Detection Systems will allow the visualization of system alarms in the hotel.
  • Motion Sensor, Distance, and Gesture Sensors will keep track of all the movements around the hotel.
  • Other parameters include Water leak and level Detector, Soil Moisture Sensor, Power Failure Sensor, Magnetic Door Switch, etc.
  • Monitoring, Authorization of guests, and Automated Attendance of staff using Survello.
  • Secured Communication for Hotel Management System via Sentra PTT.

All these features provided by NybSys will build a Smart Hotel confirming advanced scalable supervision, making the hotel management system more flexible and efficient.