Smart Poultry Farm

Smart Poultry Farms can be implemented by using sensors and actuators to monitor the overall environmental parameters of a poultry farm.

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With the increasing demand in the global poultry sector every day, it requires to be skillfully managed and nurtured. What better way to bring rapid change without a technical solution!
In this era of technological advancement, the scope of automation remains in every field. One example could be a Smart Poultry Farm that can be implemented by using sensors and actuators to monitor the overall environmental parameters of a poultry farm!

Automation in Poultry Farm

The common technical phenomenon, IoT, is now the driving factor behind any facility automation. Similarly, poultry farm monitoring using IoT and wireless sensor networks is our established solution as well. NybSys iG100 IoT Gateway can be utilized to fully automate the functionalities of a Poultry Farm, and it can thus make the lives of farm owners easier.

Multiple sensor modules can be used with the already existing farm appliances to form an IoT-based Smart Poultry. By integrating it with the IoT gateway, sensor values can be acquired accordingly.

Automation in Poultry Farm
Internet-based Smart Poultry Farm

Internet-based Smart Poultry Farm

By using a wireless sensor network and mobile communication system, different environmental parameters of a poultry farm such as temperature, humidity, and dust particles can be controlled to increase the work efficiency of this field. The whole procedure can be managed via mobile application and by using the wifi module necessary data will be uploaded to the web page.

With the advancement of the internet, the person in charge of the poultry farm will always be able to keep a track of the internal environmental situation of the farm by being remotely present. This poultry monitoring system can be trained and extended with advanced features according to client preferences.


Temperature &
Humidity Control

The system will control Temperature and Humidity with the help of a cooling fan and exhaust fan, and based on the threshold values it will switch on the devices.


Dust Detectors will be used and will automatically function to notify the concerned person.


The system will work in such a way that it will be in mesh with seasonal changes.


Considering seasonal changes, birds experience discomfort due to certain parameters. To overcome certain situations, Cooling Fans and Headlights will be automatically switched ON or OFF.

Auto Feeding

To ensure proper feeding supply, an automatic feeding system has been introduced in our system.

Water Purifier

To ensure a seamless purified water supply, the water pump has been automated and sensors have been placed to confirm water purification.

All these features can be controlled by the person in charge remotely. NybSys delivers a complete package that will serve your farm with the Best Poultry Farm Management System.

Our team aims at providing a proven system design to automate the poultry farms that will increase productivity to a great extent and will help to eliminate manpower, decreasing the scope of human errors for greater efficiency. We guarantee that with IoT in poultry and farming, your farm will have a whole new outlook.

Get ready to experience a Smart Poultry Farm with NybSys!

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