Big Data Platform

No amount of data is too big for NybSys Big Data platform.

NybSys Big Data Platform combines tools and utilities into one packaged solution for analyzing large amount of data. Traditional data management software have limits on how much data they can handle. Our Big Data Platform have not limits. It extracts and analyses information from data sets that are too large or complex for traditional data-processing software.

It is a single one-stop solution for all Big Data needs of your organization irrespective of size and data volume. It is an enterprise class IT solution for developing, deploying and managing Big Data.

Features of NybSys Big Data Platform

  • It can accommodate new platforms and tool based on the changing business needs.
  • It support linear scale-out
  • It have capability for rapid deployment
  • It support variety of data format
  • It provide flexible data analysis and reporting tools
  • It provide real-time data analysis software
  • It have tools for searching the data through large data sets

Key Benefits

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Robust infrastructure

Network and Storage act as the backbone for Big Data solutions. Our platforms support relational databases and are excellent with networking attributes. We offer scalable storage features to handle unstructured data and are at par with any Big data service providers.

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Scalability and customization

Big Data & Analytics relies heavily on computing power because of the vast amounts of data that needs to be analysed. We utilize a combination of instances, containers, and virtual machines to scale when needed. We offer scale on demand computing capacity, providing the right sized infrastructure to your need.

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Accurate prediction And actionable insights

Utilizing machine learning and AI, we are helping you to make predictions about future trends by analysing patterns. Since it considers more variables than normal computing system can manage, the result is more accurate.

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Increases efficiency

Big data platform makes it easy for you to source for the information you need. The platform is proactive and offers information before it is needed. This saves time and boosts the efficiency of the users.

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Provides the full picture

NybSys Big data platform offers the full picture to your business and helps you to make the right decision.

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It is secure

Our Big data platform have secure infrastructure which guarantees the safety of your data. Security breach of data can cost you everything. Our platform have security as the number one priority and continuously look ways to tighten it more.