NetApp-Cisco Breakfast Meeting in Swaziland (October 2015)

DataNet hosted a breakfast meeting at Mountain Inn on the 16th October where NetApp and Cisco showcased their breakthrough in storage technology. Cisco and NetApp work together to provide robust, reliable, flexible and secure data storage solution that is just right for you. The Honorable PS of the ICT Ministry inaugurated the meeting and the... Read More

Cisco Technology Day in Swaziland (May 2015)

DataNet and Cisco demonstrated the latest in Technology Trends around the world. Live demonstrations, collaboration, communication, and server technologies were made by DataNet and Cisco. Over 150 IT industry experts, IT Managers, Policymakers and Cisco users were present. Students of Information Technology from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Swaziland College of Technology (SCOT), and University... Read More

Saving People From Cold Winter

Date: June 16, 2012 During the harsh cold Swaziland winters many people in the rural areas of the country suffer due to their lack of appropriate clothing and protection from the elements. This affects mainly the children and elderly population who simply cannot afford to purchase such necessities to protect themselves against the chilly winds... Read More

Caring for The Seniors

Date: July 12. 2012 Greatly respected in Swazi culture, our senior citizens are important to the country as they are a representation of the old and new Swaziland, having made us who we are today. DataNet is continuously seeking ways in which to help these members achieve a better standard of living. The company provides... Read More

Winter Warmer Campaign

Date: June 4, 2014 As a continuation of our campaign in previous years, DataNet, again partnered up with the Times of Swaziland and First National Bank in order to help orphaned and vulnerable children who needed immediate protection against the harsh Swazi winter. This time we donated a handsome amount of money towards the cause,... Read More

Investing In Future

Date: July 5, 2014 Children are our future and in order to protect them we need to ensure that they have basic needs such as food, clothing and education. DataNet strives to ensure that the rights of all children are preserved in Swaziland and therefore help wherever we can in this regard. At the Maplotini... Read More


WorkMation is a single platform that manages all your business activities like budgeting, accounting, procurement, production, inventory management, Payroll, Sales etc. The solution collects, stores, manages, and interprets data from all possible business activities. It is a full faced Enterprise Resource Planning solution. The ERP system developed by NybSys (WorkMation) helps your business grow. Automated... Read More

Incident Management System

NybSys Incident Management System automates the activities needed for managing fire related incidents. It took over the moment someone calls to report a fire incident. The system keeps a real-time record of all the firefight ingequipment including vehicles, hosepipes, water cannons etc. The Station Manager then allocates resources and dispatches them to mitigate the incident.... Read More

Revenue Management Systems

NybSys Revenue Management Systems are ground breaking systems helping governments make an immediate impact on revenue management. Possessing over 10 years of experience in IT innovation, NybSys is relentless about finding ways to provide sustainable, more insightful ways of revenue related information. Our Revenue Management System is about giving you more control over your goals.... Read More

Consumer Hardware

DataNet sells the latest electronic gadgets, TVs, Laptops, Desktop PCs, Printers, Computer Accessories, networking equipment, and much more. We have a reseller agreement with most major hardware suppliers in the region such as Axiz, Esquire, Pinnacle, Rectron, Comztek, Mustek, and many more. DataNet sells hardware from world class companies like HP, Lenovo, Canon, Microsoft, Cisco,... Read More