Capital Project Management Systems

Capital Project Management Systems

NybSys delivers world-class project management solutions that provide you a competitive edge. With a decade of experience, we have a unique understanding of capital project management processes and ability to deliver powerful software solutions for any type of project management process. We offer a complete suite of integrated applications for project planning, resource allocation, monitoring, reporting and coordination to confront the problems you face in project management.

Project Monitoring and Reporting System

NybbSys Project Monitoring and Reporting System has been designed to specifically facilitate the management of the various activities and processes involved with project management, including project planning, resource allocation, task management, collaboration, status monitoring and reporting, and more. This System empowers you to monitor progress of the project, cost associated with different tasks as well as available resources for each phase of the project. Our system provides a complete picture of the project time-to-time for enabling you to take necessary steps to complete a project in time. NybSys Project Monitoring and Reporting System offers: Smooth access to project data and efficient data management;

  • Complete control over project resources;
  • Meaningful project evolutions to measure progress of the project;
  • Simple solutions to critical decision making;
  • Flawless reporting process for all the levels of project team.

NybSys Project Monitoring and Reporting System is a ‘lifesaver’ for your business.

Capital Budget and Project Management System

The NybSys Capital Budget and Project Management System enhances the decision process of allocation of resources to acquire long term assets and investments. These systems are software tools that assist in the organization and moderation of a project throughout its life cycle.

Basic features and benefits of these systems are as follows:

  • They are based on long-term.
  • They generate predictions of future cash flow that may occur from the investments.
  • They enable easy project monitoring and automatically scheduling task status.
  • Plans, reports and status are displayed in the dashboard of the system so that you can get an overall picture as soon as you log into the system.
  • Different periodical reports are generated automatically.

With our system, NybSys works with the clients in order to achieve their goals.