Caring for The Seniors

Caring for The Seniors

Date: July 12. 2012

Greatly respected in Swazi culture, our senior citizens are important to the country as they are a representation of the old and new Swaziland, having made us who we are today. DataNet is continuously seeking ways in which to help these members achieve a better standard of living. The company provides food to seniors living in impoverished areas during times of need in order to help fulfill at least one of their daily necessities

Targeting the Mliba Community under the Mkhiweni Inkhundla, DataNet provided food to those who needed it the most to help them get through the winter easier. ┬áIt is important that DataNet staff can give back to their communities and therefore by setting up a Food Distribution Program that involved our staff we were able to boost company moral, put smiles on people’s faces and food in their stomachs throughout the winter.

See how our effort was rewarded with smiles for everyone.

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