Central Deduction Administration System (CDAS)

Business Challenges In the Kingdom of Swaziland, the Employment Act limits non-statutory deductions (mostly arising out of borrowing) to one-third of an employee’s basic salary. This ensures that employees are not left with very little to take home at the end of the month. The Government, which employs almost one-third of the employed population in... Read More

Revenue Management Systems

NybSys Revenue Management Systems are ground breaking systems helping governments make an immediate impact on revenue management. Possessing over 10 years of experience in IT innovation, NybSys is relentless about finding ways to provide sustainable, more insightful ways of revenue related information. Our Revenue Management System is about giving you more control over your goals.... Read More

Medium Term Expenditure Framework Systems

Medium Term Expenditure Framework (popularly known as MTEF) helps governments to achieve maximum financial and economic benefits by ensuring that scarce resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve set national, sectoral and program objectives Key features of MTEF are: Projection of expenditure for next two years Cost estimation in a bottom up approach Central... Read More

Payroll Management Systems

Our Payroll System deals with the payment to government employees and the filing of employment taxes. The system keeps track of hours worked, calculates wages, taxes and makes other deductions, prints and delivers checks and pays employment taxes to the government. The NybSys Payroll Systems does more than a traditional payroll management system. An example of... Read More

Procurement Management Systems

NybSys provides next level procurement management solutions to the government and parastatal agencies. Our procurement systems offer enhanced, fully integrated electronic purchasing system for managing the processes associated with requisition, reviewing, contracting and purchasing from vendors. NybSys Procurement Management Systems streamline the entire procurement life-cycle. Because NybSys Procurement System covers so many activities, it is... Read More

Capital Project Management Systems

NybSys delivers world-class project management solutions that provide you a competitive edge. With a decade of experience, we have a unique understanding of capital project management processes and ability to deliver powerful software solutions for any type of project management process. We offer a complete suite of integrated applications for project planning, resource allocation, monitoring,... Read More