Medical Diagnostics Management System

Proper identification of problems is imperative for for treating patients correctly. NybSys has some innovative solutions to the problems that everybody faces today. Other than a standard Laboratory Management System, NybSys has also developed some interesting solutions such as Radiology system: This ensures availability of radiological reports to doctors without the need to carry the... Read More

Medical Claim Management System

Managing medical claims are an important function that connects employers, doctors, insurance companies and employees together. Proper record verification, quick claim settlement, insightful reporting all are important parts of a matured Medical Claim Management System. The system NybSys developed is an automatic system that connects all parties to perform their activities. Our system works through... Read More

Health Information Management System

NybSys Health Information Management System (HIMS) helps you improve productivity, data quality and streamline workflow processes. The system lets you automatically generate hospital or enterprise-wide reports, so you have a comprehensive picture of your clinical data. The powerful system enables interfacing data files from different data sources, which eventually reduces manual data entry, data re-entry... Read More

Hospital Management System

Health is wealth. We make hospitals a better place for patients and help medical professionals render an overall better service. Our Hospital Management System establishes an orderly and systematic method of managing hospital and clinics. The system manages all activities required to run a hospital. Patient registration, patient information management, payment collection, logistical support, inventory... Read More