Emergency Response System

Challenges Emergency Response Systems are an essential element of a good governance system. Quick response to incidents ensures a safe environment for citizens, employees, clients, premises. An integrated system is must that combines a Helpline to contact for assistance through voice call, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, a system to send response team quickly, a proper recording... Read More

Incident Management System

NybSys Incident Management System automates the activities needed for managing fire related incidents. It took over the moment someone calls to report a fire incident. The system keeps a real-time record of all the firefight ingequipment including vehicles, hosepipes, water cannons etc. The Station Manager then allocates resources and dispatches them to mitigate the incident.... Read More

Police & Judicial System

Law enforcement agencies are doing a great job in providing security. It’s time we make their life easier.NybSys have several systems that do just that. NybSys have the following modules that helps establish a peaceful non-violent environment. Criminal Justice System Remote Remand System Correctional Services System Police Docketing System Court Case Management System Citizen Contact... Read More

Traffic Control System

Roads connect places, like our home to our offices. It is very important that we keep them safe. NybSys helps government authorities do just that. We provide vehicle recognition through automatic number plate registration, keeps traffic records, controls border immigration systems, and many more. The modules we have are Number Plate Recognition System Roads &... Read More

Vehicle Security System

NybSys Vehicle Security System provides complete peace of mind. The system ensures security of a single vehicle or hundreds of vehicle. Our system provides different solutions for different types of security needs. Vehicle Inspection & Surveillance System This system will scan and record vehicle data obtained using digital equipment. It is an essential security measure... Read More

Communication System

Communication is an essential and critical component in running a country or business. NybSys have long term experience in building reliable feature rich communication systems. We have built communication systems for several mission critical projects. We have built communication systems for governments, large businesses operating in several countries, medium businesses with offices in several cities.... Read More

Infrastructure Security

NybSys provides complete security for important places, installations. We safeguard you and your valuable assets from fire, unauthorized access, terrorist attacks, and other types of incidents. We believe that prevention is better than cure – so we prefer a proactive approach for your safety. Most of our solutions is geared towards alerting your and take... Read More