Consumer Security

Consumer Security

We love our home and office. We need them secured and free from fire, burglary, and any other unauthorized access. We have both wired and wireless solution that give you early alert of any unwanted situation.

We believe in prevention rather than cure. So, our solutions alert you before or when the incident is taking place, rather than when everything is already lost.

Our Home/Office Security solutions provides the following benefits –

  • Motion sensor to identify any unwanted movement,
  • Proximity sensor to detect when a door or window is opened,
  • Fire/Smoke Detector to spot smoke or anything that indicates chance of fire,
  • Siren for alerting you or others of the unwanted entry
  • SMS alert to notify you or your chosen person through text messages.

You can choose between wired and wireless variants of sensors. The wireless version keeps the your home clean and easily blends with your home decoration. Alternatively the wired version is more robust and is more budget friendly.

We have partnerships with several reputable hardware vendors in order to provide solutions that are high class and robust.

Alert Response System

In addition to the security system, we can also provide an emergency response team service that can take care of incidents on your behalf.  If both are integrated our team will reach out to you and perform the necessary required actions to mitigate any situation.