COVID-19 Health Device

NYBSYS has been applied its technology expertise to assist community to combat global pandemic COVID-19.

NYBSYS has been applied its technology expertise to assist community to combat global pandemic COVID-19.
Despite interest in smart health technologies, most of the clinics and hospitals have been slow to adopt them, largely due to lack of capital or infrastructure. Interoperability challenges also remain, as well as security and other concerns around health IT and connected devices.

iG100 back 8 connections COVID-19 made it even difficult to offer nursing services to all patient when physical contact with a patient is very risky. NYBSYS offers complete hospital bed automation technologies that can assist nursing stations to monitor and view all vital signs from their desk and alarms can be triggered if the patient condition gets deteriorated. NYBSYS builds hospital bed sensors with IoT gateway which is cost effective and offers complete remote monitoring of the patient.

ECG, EEG, blood pressure, oximeter, pulse sensors, mussel sensors, respiratory level sensor and many other sensors are plugged in the NYBSYS IG100 IoT gateway which offers complete remote monitoring of patients . This technology transforms a normal hospital bed to a high care unit. Even home health care services can be offered using this sensors so that remote health care giver can monitor the patient.

Sensors with Human Body
NYBSYS offers Sentra PTT application which can be used in hospital and clinical setup to manage critical communication among the nurses or doctors when a critical communication and coordination is required, Sentra PTT can offer a mission critical communication services. Hospital bed automations can be further integrated with the PTT system to trigger automatic push to talk group calls if there is an emergency situation for a patient.

Machine Learning team of NybSys developed a social distance measurement tool which can be applied to any video camera and measure effectiveness of social distance. Location Analytics offered by NybSys mostly for developed countries can be used for lockdown effectiveness and number of people goes out and gather together and potential risk of large gatherings. Spread of COVID-19 cares can be easily demonstrated using location analytics services. Company is also using contact tracing services to offer complete COVID-19 location analytics services.

thermal_scanner NYBSYS IoT designed and prototyped thermal imaging system to detect high temperature of human body which can be used for temperature monitoring at the critical public areas.