The NybSys Dispatch Console solution simplifies daily radio dispatch operations

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Dispatch Console Enterprise (DCE)

The NybSys Dispatch Console solution simplifies daily…

The NybSys Dispatch Console solution simplifies daily radio dispatch operations, and allows organizations to rapidly respond to incidents, emergencies, and facility events.

It dissolves communication silos between disparate land mobile radio systems and devices such as mobile phones, landline phones, IP phones, and PC clients -users.

This supports interoperable communications among users of all devices, wherever they are located. DCE provides flexible and scalable communication interoperability that enhances the value of existing and new radio, telephony, and IP communications networks.

Key Benefits


Optimized Routes & Reliable

NybSys Dispatch system gives you complete control over the whole operation. We track locations and statuses with GPS, thus helps you decide when and where to dispatch the response team. The result is reliable and optimized routes for your people with a more reliable method for dispatching your staff.


Quick Response Capabilities

You need to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If (or when) things goes wrong, our dispatching system can help reduce the damage to a minimum. Real-time data about the location and status of each team allows you to immediately spot the problem and send the team that can responds quickest.



As your business or operation grow bigger, your dispatch processes become more complicated. This can result in errors if there isn’t a reliable system in place to prevent them. Our dispatch system offers flexibility and can scale alongside your company’s growth.

Use Cases

Public Safety
Health Care