Dispatch Console Enterprise (DCE)

The Dispatch Console integrates with virtually any analog or digital radio system

The NybSys Dispatch Console solution simplifies daily radio dispatch operations, and allows organizations to rapidly respond to incidents, emergencies, and facility events.

It dissolves communication silos between disparate land mobile radio systems and devices such as mobile phones, landline phones, IP phones, and PC clients-users.

This supports interoperable communications among users of all devices, wherever they are located. DCE provides flexible and scalable communication interoperability that enhances the value of existing and new radio, telephony, and IP communications networks.

dce img


  • Push to Talk (PTT)
  • Select/unselect/deselect channels
  • Select and unselect audio speakers
  • On-screen volume controls
  • Channel patching
  • Receive and transmit on-screen indicators for channel activity
  • Handset, headset, or desktop microphone operation
  • Individual channel mute/all mute
  • All talk
  • Instant recall recording per channel
  • Last call transmit
  • Alert tones
  • Channel multi-select