Emergency Response System

Emergency Response System


Emergency Response Systems are an essential element of a good governance system. Quick response to incidents ensures a safe environment for citizens, employees, clients, premises. An integrated system is must that combines a Helpline to contact for assistance through voice call, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, a system to send response team quickly, a proper recording system of reported incidents and finally a reporting system which provides enough analytics data to prevent incidents in future.


NybSys’s partner in Swaziland, DataNet have designed an IP based Contact Center solution with ample expansion opportunity. A modular architecture which encompasses current technological advances and ensures that new innovations can be plugged in when available to the DataNet Emergency Response System.

The Emergency Response System have huge capacity and futuristic capability. A multi-channel communication path ensures that incidents can be reported via mobile, social media, websites. Real-time location of the caller, callback facility, integration with analog and digital radio network ensures that response team can act as quickly as possible.

The system has smart monitoring facility to ensure that agents are performing according to the high standard set by the Royal Swaziland Police.


Based on Cisco Business Edition 6000 and Cisco Contact Center (CCX), the system uses FlexPod storage solution by Cisco and NetApp, Cisco UCS C220 M3 Servers for running applications, Cisco Nexus and 3560 Switches for call routing, Cisco ASA 5525-X Firewall for network security. All Software are virtualized using VMWare’s superior technology.

The system utilizes Cisco IPICS to connect to radio network.

DataNet created additional features like Intelligent Queuing System, Incident Management System, Crime Dashboard, and Caller Location Display through customized development.


Most emergency calls now get through and answered due to the high capacity and Intelligent Queuing System. Also you can reach out through Facebook, Twitter, Web-based Chat option.

Agents and supervisors are using conference call facility to give proper response. Direct connectivity with radio networks (walkie talkies) means response team can act very quickly upon the report of an incident.

Supervisors are closely monitoring the performances of their team and individuals, improving the service received by the citizens.

Features and Benefits

Increased Capacity

The system can accommodate any number of call depending on the clients needs. The system uses an Intelligent Queuing System to find free agents automatically. This ensures quick pickup of distress calls.

You can ask for help or request for information through Facebook, Twitter, or even from the Website.

Better Call Management

Call forwarding, Conference Call facility ensures better response through joint effort.Silent call monitoring and barge in facility ensure proper service delivery. Call Recording facility is important for training and reference purpose.

Faster Response

Agents can listen and talk to the Radio Network at the same time for faster response to incidents.The system provides quick dial facility to frequently contacted numbers for quick response.The system shows the location of the caller so that response team can act quickly.

Easy Performance Monitoring

The system keeps track of individual performance of operators, teams.Voice Logger keeps the conversations for upto a year. These recording can be used for finding facts or train the operators for better performance.

Incident Management System

When an incident is reported, the agent records the details (caller details, location, type, action taken) into the Incident Management System.Once an update on that incident is received (like when resolved), the record can be updated to reflect the most recent status of the incident.These records are fully searchable and can be presented in an easily understandable management summary format. This can be used for reporting and better prepare for incident prevention.

Decentralized Deployment

The System can be decentralized to give more personalized services in different areas. Each regional stations can have the same facility as the Central Operations Center.

Successful Implementations

DataNet have vast experience in implementing large scale nationwide Emergency Response Systems. It has implemented two very large projects for the Government of Swaziland which is serving the National Fire and Emergency Department and the Royal Swaziland Police Service.

Swaziland Improves Emergency Response Times of Incidents

DataNet build a nationwide communication and Emergency Response System for Swaziland National Fire and Emergency Department. The system was so successful and innovative that Cisco® created a Case Study describing the various aspects of the solution. Read the story here Read the Case Study on Cisco Website

The Emergency Response System for the Royal Swaziland Police Service

WITH advancing technology from DataNet Swaziland, the Royal Swaziland Police Service has upgraded its new digitalised 999 system which will now enhance the work of police and be able to make quick responses to emergency calls.

This new system will not only be able to take over 60 calls at the same time but will also be able to monitor live traffic on the roads and further put a surveillance on all government vehicles through the pressing of a button impound those being abused.

Read the whole story on Times of Swaziland