Enterprise 5G Network

A dedicated private network to provide secure, high-speed, and low-latency wireless connectivity to transform your business.

What is Enterprise 5G?

Enterprise 5G, or private 5G, is a dedicated cellular network overtly built for any business or organization. It offers superfast data transfer speeds of up to 20 Gbps, 10x faster than public or any aged network system. You can operate it using its dedicated spectrum to open doors to a world of possibilities.

Businesses can experience latency as low as 1 millisecond, which is beneficial for immediate response applications. Plus, they can keep their data locked down in a private, secure infrastructure with advanced encryption and network segmentation. 

Nybsys private 5G for enterprises offers the utmost control over your network infrastructure, security protocols, and performance optimization. It enables real-time data analysis, instant remote control, and seamless IoT integration.

Automate, Optimize, & Grow Business

Today’s businesses thrive on speed, security, and innovation, and the conventional networks are holding them back. Production, delivery, productivity, and expenses are at stake due to the failure of an ever-demanding high-speed, reliable, and secure network. Private 5G, for the dedicated use of enterprises, can emit all the restrictions of old networks with better data rates and ultra-low latency.

Nybsys’ Enterprise 5G solution helps businesses deliver the desired outcome to meet Industry 4.0 promises. You can effectively connect IoT technologies to enhance data acquisition and automation through a secure and quality 5G-enabled edge cloud network. You can have complete control, scalability, and data ownership to satisfy the clients and meet the enterprise’s expectations.

Deployment Options

Choose the deployment model that best suits your needs:

Integrated Small Cell

Plug and play installation, IpSec security and cloud hosted core features for instant coverage extension

Split RAN - O-RAN

High capacity and ultra low Latency network for advanced Robotics and Al Applicaitons

Network In a Box

Deployable kit, instant network, includes, RAN and core network in a ruggedized form factor.

Who Needs Enterprise 5G Networks?

The transformative power of private, dedicated 5G networks extends far beyond the traditional suspects. Here’s why any business seeking a competitive edge should consider Enterprise 5G:

  • Manufacturers: Real-time data from connected machines, optimized production lines, and remote quality control – these are just a glimpse of the possibilities for increased efficiency and product quality.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain: Track shipments in real-time, optimize routes, and eliminate delays with unprecedented visibility and responsiveness.
  • Healthcare: Remote consultations, faster data transfer for medical imaging, and connected wearables for patient monitoring – Enterprise 5G can revolutionize healthcare delivery.
  • Retail: Personalized in-store experiences, instant inventory management, and seamless mobile payments – create a frictionless customer journey and boost sales.
  • Government Agencies: Secure communication, real-time emergency response, and connected infrastructure for improved public safety and efficiency.
  • And More: The list goes on! From smart agriculture to connected cities, the potential applications are endless.

Enterprise 5G Network Enabled by Nybsys

We offer you building your own private 5G network to run business operations. with the following parts:

By setting up a private 5G network for Enterprise, you can gain better performance, reliability, and security while retaining full control over the network. Nybsys offers complete 3GPP standard solutions for building private 5G networks.

Advantages of Nybsys Enterprise 5G Network

Increased Security

Our private 5G network provides high security as these are designed for use by a specific group of users. It helps to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.

Improved Performance

Small to large businesses can get reliable and consistent network performance. Indeed, it is essential for mission-critical applications like real-time industrial control systems and telemedicine.


You can customize the private 5G networks to meet your organization’s specific needs, including the type of spectrum used, the coverage area, and the services provided.

Cost Savings

Save more money by deploying Enterprise 5G networks than public networks. You can optimize accordingly. Also, there is no need for the same investment in infrastructure.

Competitive Advantage

Private 5G networks can give businesses a competitive advantage by enabling them to innovate and differentiate their products and services.

Network Control

Once you deploy the 5G network privately, you have complete control over the network, including the type of services offered and the level of security.

What Are the Challenges of Enterprise Private 5G Networks?

Deploying private5G networks for enterprises must overcome a few challenges to deploy and operate successfully.


The deployment costs include equipment, spectrum, and network infrastructure for private 5G networks. It can be expensive for smaller organizations.


Specialized knowledge and skills are necessary to run and operate an Enterprise 5G network. Organizations need the resources and expertise to manage and ensure the network meets their needs.


The network you want must be interoperable with other networks and devices. Careful planning and testing are needed to ensure the network can support various applications and services.


Private 5G networks are subject to various regulatory requirements, including spectrum management, security, and privacy. You must be aware of these requirements and comply with all relevant regulations.

Spectrum Availability

Enterprise 5G networks require access to spectrum. It can be limited to certain regions. So, any business availing these networks must know about the spectrum availability in their area and plan accordingly.

Network Integration

Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE, and IoT devices – these networks and systems may work seamlessly and properly with the 5G network. Proper arrangement and coordination are needed to ensure the network provides the desired performance and functionality.

Enterprise 5G Use Cases and Applications

 Industrial IoT

Automated factories, smart grids, and remote monitoring and control of industrial processes


Office connectivity, videoconferencing, and cloud-based services

Public safety

Emergency response, disaster recovery, and critical infrastructure protection


Remote patient monitoring, mobile health clinics


Intelligent transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, and fleet management


Intelligent grid management, renewable energy generation, and energy efficiency


Precision farming, smart irrigation, and livestock management

How to Build Your Own Enterprise 5G Network

  1.  Choose a frequency band
  2.  Acquire the necessary spectrum
  3. Choose network equipment
  4. Install and test the network infrastructure
  5. Secure the network Launch the network

Nybsys-The Complete Enterprise 5G Network Solution Provider

Experience lightning-fast internet speeds like never before with NybSys, your trusted private 5G network provider.

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