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Malin 5G

5G transformed networking which has revolutionized the way we live and work, ensuring public safety and automating industrial processes. NYBSYS offers Malin products to meet consumer and business needs.
5G Enterprise Network

Malin 5G RAN

5G is offering huge benefits to operators and enterprise customers.‚ÄčNYBSYS offers 5G Radio Access Network that has more potential to realize. Our combined 4G and 5G solutions bridges the gap between narrowband and broadband communication platforms is transforming network services for enterprise and public safety customers. Our purpose build RAN solutions offer unparallel benefits to a tailored made solutions that fits the enterprise needs.

Malin 5G Core

5G network demands a commitment to rapidly deploying a complete cloud-native core at the same time deployable at a gateway as distributed core. Our cloud-native orchestration and deep integration with operator cores or privately hosted core offer the powerful, efficient, programmable, and highly automated control and user plane functions required to make 5G a reality.
Malin 5G core
Malin 4G

Malin 4G

4G is not an obsolete technology. Utility sector is still expanding 4G network on 900 Mhz in USA and LTE Band 14 is still promising revolution in public safety networks. LTE CBRS offers last mile connectivity to the millions of unconnected communities across the country.