WorkMation is a single platform that manages all your business activities like budgeting, accounting, procurement, production, inventory management, Payroll, Sales etc. The solution collects, stores, manages, and interprets data from all possible business activities. It is a full faced Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

The ERP system developed by NybSys (WorkMation) helps your business grow.

  • Automated Business Activity Flow: NybSys WorkMation automatically tracks the flow of business activities and resources like cash, raw materials, production capacity and the status of business commitments like purchase orders, and payroll. Information flows beautifully between all business functions, and can manage connections to inside and outside stakeholders.
  • Easy Decision Making: WorkMation provides easy ways to view core business processes in real time. This helps you make informed decisions with the correct business insights.
  • Total Control: WorkMation provides controlled access to business activities also ensuring that Management have full access to all business areas.
  • Easily Scalable: NybSys WorkMation captures all business activities in a scalable system which grows with your business.
  • Easy Customization: NybSys WorkMation is easily customizable, and can be deployed within 2-8 weeks depending on your requirements.
We work closely with our clients, understanding their exact needs which enables us to build the relevant solution to help them achieve their goals.

The NybSys WorkMation has many modules. The fundamental modules are:

  Budgeting The NybSys Budgeting System provides a unified platform for planning and controlling the financial resources of your organization. You can easily
  • Plan for resource (cash, manpower) utilization,
  • Allocate resources among functional departments,
  • Monitor the usage and movement of resources after you allocate the resources,
  • Modify the resource allocation at a later time with proper authorization.
  Financial Reporting

The NybSys Financial Reporting System consolidates the financial data of your organization and offers you accurate ready-to-use reports in real time. The reports generated by our system are reliable and flawless.

  • Dashboard: You will get a snapshot of all key financial performance indicators in a single window.
  • Customization: This system is highly customizable, so you can tailor the system according to your requirements.
  • Accurate: Our system generates cash flow and other financial indicators automatically with highest accuracy.
  • Synced: All Financial reports like income statements, balance sheets or cash flow statements automatically remain synced.
  • Shareability: The reports can be exported in various formats making sharing with anybody easy.

The procurement module automates all or part of your procurement process. It easily enhances compliance and cost control. It improves the speed, reach, and usability of all steps in your procurement processes.

It helps you in the following way:
  • Forecasts demand for raw materials by providing historical data on demand.
  • Keeps track of your stock efficiently.
  • Automatically generates PO, vouchers, receipts and other documents that reduce time, efforts and chance of error.
  • Control over all goods and services purchasing.
  • Provides a better collaboration with suppliers.
  • It helps you with strategic planning, providing related procurement data.
  Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Module is easily customizable for your business environment. Our system supports end-to-end processes starting from raising requirements to paying the supplier.

  • This system provides real time summary views of inventory, shipping, receiving and related data.
  • Our system quickly identifies problems and views interactive forecasts, usage, and projected inventory graphs.
  • This system provides detailed information regarding all promises, shipments in transit, ETAs, receipts and projected inventory levels.
  • NybSys’ Supply Chain Management System provides you with a competitive advantage by offering a smooth and transparent supply chain.
  • You can gain the visibility you need for growth by automating your processes and eliminating inefficiencies by automating your processes with our system.