Fresh Produce Market Trading System

Fresh Produce Market Trading System

NybSys Fresh Produce Market Trading System or Fresh Produce Exchange System (FreshPrex) is a platform for buyers and sellers to exchange agricultural products. It is an online marketplace where remote producers can sell their products directly to buyers.

FreshPrex enhances market accessibility for the distant producers and ensures a fair price for them. It also provides urban retailers the opportunity to purchase fresh products directly from the producers at a reasonable price.

Fresh Prex eliminates the unnecessary intermediaries and reduces the cost for both buyers and sellers alike.

The Market provides modern facilities to ensure a fair price for all parties, reduces logistical burdens, and provides relevant information at your fingertips

  • The market has an online auction system so farmers, buyers and agents can trade from anywhere.0000
  • The system offers 24/7 visibility, transparent price discovery, and options to buy or sell bulk quantities.
  • The System have a mobile interface, so users can access the system from anywhere using their mobile devices.

Benefits for Farmers:

  • Price transparency ensures a fair price for farmers’ hard work.
  • Improved value for produce that stimulate production and create jobs in the process.
  • Marginalised farmers can access market information and plan according to market demand.
  • It is an online market but has been integrated with a logistics backend. This ensures delivery of goods straight to the buyer, which increases shelf life of produce; reduces delivery time and storage requirements.

Benefits for buyers:

  • Easy discovery of market prices from cell phones
  • Place orders without physically being at the market
  • Transporter can ship the produce to the buyer from the market.
  • Buyers will have access to the market 24/7

Benefits for Agents:

  • Agents can extend their market to those who are currently not participating in the market.
  • Proper knowledge of supply and demand, which they can use to set their price and quantity.
  • With greater access to information, an agent can advise farmers on critical business decisions.
  • Shift business management from traditional intuition driven business to fact and knowledge based business.