Sensors for collecting data and actuators for taking required actions are not new.

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iG100 connects any digital or analogue sensor. It has built-in MQTT service to transmit

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iG200 is for large scale home automation. More processing power, memory, & storage

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iG500 is our Industrial Grade IoT Gateway which can withstand upto 100 degrees. Connection

Sensors for collecting data and actuators for taking required actions are not new. It has been widely used in industrial automation in many decades. Industrial automation means only a handful of companies and a very limited highly standardize and costly devices. Realizing these facts, we worked on innovating a cost effective solution for connecting all sensors/things to a gateway.

The iG100 gateway connects multiple different types of sensors, actuators, relays, pwm, and analytics systems. Nokia was connecting people but our IoT Gateways we connect “things”. We have different gateways to connect different things. We have basic gateways (iG100 and iG200) for home and small business, and large, high capacity gateway/ aggregators (iG500 and iG1000) for enterprise, industrial and government.

Cost effective iG100 product connects 4 analogue and 12 digital sensors with 4 PWM output and 4 relay output. It provides on board CANBUS and MODBUS protocol support with Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability. The system is loaded with onchip MQTT server which you can stream data to the cloud such as AWS or you can host your own IoT event processing and decision support system. CAN Bus port enables the device to interface directly with any vehicle and can transmit sensor information by using 3G/ LTE connection.

iG200 offers on board FPGA and multicore CPU for up to 256 sensors. It can aggregate sensors signals and stream to processing server at gigabit speed. It supports all features of iG100 in addition to that FPGA can provide upto 16 bit analogue data processing capacity.

IoT gateways will be the first phenomena of the IoT revolution. It is very similar to the concept of “Interchangeable Parts” that made the industrial revolution. Currently you need to use separate methods and channels for connecting different types of sensors which can be analog or digital. Without a proper Gateway, it is impossible to connect and manage all different sensors and get benefits of connected world. Our gateways are the link to connecting the unconnected and enable you to realize your dreamed digital revolution.

Key Benefits

Gain In Business

Simplifies Solution Deployment

NybSys Gateways handle multiple inputs and outputs independently or simultaneously . They help to bring all separate system under the same umbrella.

High Flexibility and Avaliability

Lower Cost of Ownership

Nybsys Gateways work with existing infrastructure . They also can be extended for just what you need. So , they reduce the total cost of ownership.


Flexibility and Customization

Our gateways work with most analogue and digital sensors. They also work with most actuators. They help you to simplify the IoT designs for your solutions.

Use Cases

Public Safety


Smart City