IoT is surrounded by a lot of hope, confusion, and dreams

IoT is surrounded by a lot of hope, confusion, and dreams. Similar concepts exist before bearing many different names but only recently the full potential is beginning to emerge clearly. Proliferation of data collecting options, improvement in processing power, miniaturization, and maturity of standards all contributed to the massive expectation from IoT.

And we are, the NybSys, a believer of technology innovation. We are doing research and development for IoT and other advanced technology in Africa for a very long time. We started working on IoT as telemetry system back in 2006 and machine to machine (M2M) in 2009. Now we are in the forefront of the technology innovation in connected things and we are ready to bring a real solutions to you out of the all the noises in the industry.

NybSys IoT Product Roadmap

  • Microcontroler
  • Micro Processor
  • Digital and Analogue connectivity
  • PWM or relay output
  • CANBus and Modbus
  • Ethernet , wifi , 3G dongle
  • Microprocessor & FPGA
  • 16 bit ADC
  • RS485 for expandable IO
  • Ethernet , 3G dongle
  • CANbus and Modbus
  • On board PoE
  • Industrial grade
  • FPGA & Microprocessor
  • Temperature 0 to 100 degree
  • Industrial connectors
  • RS485 serial network
  • Industrial ethernet
  • On board PoE
  • Moduler system with 4 processing module : FPGA or GPU
  • 10 GB ethernet and infiniband
  • Pluable IO cards . Analogue, digital or network ports
  • ML at edge
  • Machine learning at the edge
  • FPGA and GPU integration
  • Packet analyis
  • Signal processing t
  • traffic aggregation
  • In-line processing