Hospital bed automation

NybSys saves hospital budget by cutting overtime cost and maintaining hospital scheduling and integrated attendance registry system

nHealth is a medical devices platform for eHealth applications. The device offers vital signal collection, processing and abnormal value detection to assist patient monitoring at the triage or hospital beds.

NYBSYS has been aiming to provide cost effective and innovative solution to health caregiver when patients vital monitoring is critical function to offer tools to combat pandemic and remote health care option.

Device can be setup quickly at the home care and remote nursing or doctors can constantly monitor over the vital sings of a patient. It can also be helpful for a small clinic where a single nurse needs to monitor multiple patient at real time.

Our health systems aims to combine advanced artificial intelligence algorithm for health care by using the means of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

We have planned several technologies for telehealth and remote health monitoring. nHealth – Vital and nHealth vision are two products to assist health care giver to effectively diagnosis the patient to recommend right medication. ImpiloBOT is still under development to aid doctors to recommend medicine for treatment.