Hosted Service

Hosted Service

We understand your desire to always be connected to modern technology, but without the extra charges. Therefore we provide hosted solutions that give you access to a world of high tech solutions without the extra cost.

ERP services

Our modules cover all your business requirements, offering full or specific ERP models such as Inventory Management, Payroll, or Sales Management.

PABX Services

Our Hosted PABX solution helps you easily establish a modern communication system within your business. Everything is managed by our experts which saves you a considerable amount on capital expense.

You can rent lines from our hosted PABX System as per your needs, adding lines incrementally as your business grows. This option is both cost effective and time saving leaving you valuable time to spend focusing on your business.

Our Hosted Call Centre solution helps you establish a helpline, a customer support service, and make outbound sales calls without the astronomical cost of setting up a call center.

Again, renting capacity from our Hosted Call Centre is easy and cost effective with the option to add more capacity incrementally as your business grows.