IoT Gateway Device - IG100

Enter the IG100 IoT gateway device from NybSys if you are ready to take your IoT system to the next level. This game-changing piece of tech acts as a bridge between your edge devices and the cloud, collecting, analyzing, and transforming data into valuable insights. With its sleek design and powerful capabilities, the IG100 is a must-have for anyone serious about Industry 4.0. So why wait? Let’s dive into the world of IoT together.

IoT Gateway—IG100

iG100- A Versatile IoT Gateway Device

The iG100 is a general-purpose IoT gateway that creates fusions of sensors and collects signals. The device internally processes these signals and transmits them to aggregators or cloud-based platforms. It connects analog or digital sensors, relay outputs, and PWM outputs. It connects other sensors using CAN-BUS or MODBUS protocol using high-speed Serial and CAN-BUS adapters.

The gateway can connect 16 sensors using a direct connection and a maximum of 128 using extenders. This makes the device perfectly suitable as an industrial IoT gateway.

IoT has limitless potential for company optimization, health and safety, cost reduction, and quality of life enhancement. Bringing innovative products and merging them into IoT networks is complicated. That’s why NybSys introduced iG100— an enterprise-ready IoT gateway device designed to expand capabilities to connect broadly with the emerging physical world. Bridge the gap with IoT gateways by utilizing the NybSys iG100.

An Ideal & Modern IoT Gateway Device iG100

Cost-effective iG100 IoT device connects 4 analog and 12 digital sensors with 4 PWM outputs and 4 relay outputs. The IoT gateway architecture provides onboard CAN BUS and MODBUS protocol support with Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability. The system is loaded with an on-chip MQTT server that can stream data to the cloud such as AWS (Amazon Web Service) or you can host your own IoT event processing and decision support system. CAN Bus port enables the device to interface directly with any vehicle and can transmit sensor information by using a 3G/ LTE connection.

An Ideal & Modern IoT Gateway Device iG100
The gateway maintains an end-to-end security protocol to ensure the safe transmission of data. Moreover, this edge gateway provides a more reliable and accessible approach for any industry, making iG100 the ideal IoT gateway in the market.

Our IoT Gateway Device iG100 Hardware Features



  • 12 Digital Ports
  • 4 Analog Ports


  • 4 PWM
  • 4 Relay


  • Supply Voltage: 12V DC, Max 2A
  • Support for PoE (Powered device)
  • Digital I/O Voltage: 5V DC


  • CAN bus (Terminal Block)
  • Modbus (Terminal Block)
  • 3G Modem (USB 2.0 host)
  • Flash Drive (USB 2.0 host)
  • LAN 10/100 BASE-TX (POE Optional)
  • Wi-Fi 150M 802.11b/g/n
  • 433 MHz Supported (Optional)
  • Optional support of Bluetooth BLE -4

Technical specifications of IoT Gateway Device iG100

Dimensions (LxWxH)
5 x 7 x 2.14 inch
127 x 178 x 54.6 mm
Without Plugs and Brackets: 1.65 lb. (749g), With Plugs: 1.8 lb. ( 817g), With Brackets: 1.81 lb ( 823g), With Plugs and Brackets: 1.97 lb ( 891g)
» UL
» CE
Operating Temperature
» Indoors only
» 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
» 5 to 95% relative, non-condensing
There are two options to power the device:
1. 12 to 24 VDC (+/- 10%) through an external power supply
2. 802.3AF-compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) connected to the Ethernet 0 connector (Optional)

IoT Gateway iG100 Resources


Quick Guidelines

Use Cases of IoT Gateway Device iG100

IoT gateways connect corporate activities with IT infrastructure. They optimize system performance using operational data gathered in the field or at the network edge. Let’s find out our iG100 use cases!

Poultry Framing Automation

Keeping an eye on the temperature, water level, smoke, gas, and food delivery mechanism with the help of a smart device like a Raspberry Pi and then sending the data through GPRS is crucial for a business with a high output like a poultry farm. The iG100 Gateways connect the sensors and other equipment used in a smart poultry farm to the cloud.

Home Automation System

The controller/hub of a home automation system acts as the medium for the user and the sensors, integrating them into one cohesive network. For a home automation system to work, many sensors must be interconnected to a gateway. The NybSys iG100 Gateway can handle multiple inputs and outputs concurrently or separately. iG100 help to bring all separate systems under the same umbrella.

Fire Prevention System

The efficiency of fire safety systems is reaching new heights thanks to IoT. IoT devices in the fire and life safety sector alert residents and emergency personnel to potential threats. An iG100 gateway is compatible with most of the industry’s digital smoke and fire sensors. Furthermore, they are also suitable for use with the majority of actuators.

Access Control

Implementing and managing building security via IoT networks involves access control, a critical aspect of building security. The Internet of things is the backbone of current IoT door-locking systems. Every lock, lock access controller, card reader, and other devices in this system have its own IP address for communication. The iG100 is worthy of being utilized as a trustworthy gateway in this sector.

Office Automation System

We can employ the iG100 gateway for office automation system. The use of smart office automation and technology can make the working environment better by reducing energy consumption, boosting levels of security, and simplifying procedures.

Agriculture Monitoring System

The IoT-based agriculture monitoring system uses wireless sensor networks to collect data from sensors mounted at various nodes and deliver it wirelessly. It contains temperature, humidity, water level, DC motor, and GPRS module. The IoT-based agriculture monitoring system examines water, humidity, and moisture. It sends an SMS alert on the phone. Here, we can leverage iG100 as a sensor gateway.

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