Machine Learning

We can now analyze large amount of information in real-time.

We can now analyze large amount of information in realtime with high performance computing solutions. This opens up all sorts of possibilities like automatic anomaly and fraud detection. Other important possibilities are predictive maintenance, sentiment analysis. These types of information analytics need machines to learn and make decisions by itself. Machine Learning is an important part of Artificial Intelligence. AI will automate a lot of situations where reducing human intervention is important.

Using a combination of high processing GPU and FPGA we do a lot of interesting things. We use GPU based databases and up to 960 Teraflops of processing in a single box. It can provide deep insight of your organization data streams or historical records. We are capable of implementing AI at the edge or in the cloud. We manage all stages of machine learning and meet specific needs of your organization. We are working with a wide variety of machine learning systems for our customers. These systems are helping them in measuring and managing their business outcome. We started artificial intelligence a decade back using neural network algorithm. We are also providing Natural Language Processing (NLP). These NLP systems plug with machine learning system using Tensor Flow and other framework. We are developing image processing and video analytics services for the past 8 years.

We are part of NVIDIA inception Program. NVIDIA is now considered an AI computing company. We have access to Nvidia’s global ecosystem for AI and Deep Learning. This include a massive network of deep learning experts and thought leaders.

We developed machine learning demos which take control of human decision making process. Drop a line so we can share this exciting thing with you.