Other Systems

Other Systems

NybSys’s vast array of solutions caters to the needs of a variety of different areas. In addition to the major categories we have already covered, we have additional solutions which will suit your specific needs.

Data Centre for Government

Our Data Centre centralizes data collection, storage, management, and distribution. It is the optimal way for governments to share data between different divisions, ministries and authorities. NybSys Data Centres are known for their reliability, expandability, and flexibility.

Data Security System for Government

NybSys has a decade of experience of managing mission critical and highly confidential data. We know how to secure data from eavesdropping. All our systems are designed to help protect sensitive data within government agencies, contractors, and companies, regardless of their computing systems.

We have deployed military grade data security solutions for Governments to protect their data. Governments can manage data access control policies across agencies and divisions as well as enforce data security policies and ensure data availability without the fear of outsiders trying to steal their precious data.

The system:

  • Manages multiple platforms centrally
  • Enforces e-policies for maximum security
  • Enables safe, productive web browsing
  • Integrates with your existing infrastructure
  • Maximizes performance, minimize impact on system resources

Enterprise Architecture

NybSys helps business grow. We also ensure that the growth is well organized. Our Enterprise Architecture system conducts enterprise wide analysis, constructing a structure, proposing a meticulous design, and giving you a complete plan for implementation.

  1. This system incorporates various distinct business modules such as manufacturing, financial, accounting and distribution, with each module taking care of the functions of a particular section or department of an organization.
  2. Having a common centralized database is an important characteristic of this system. All the data is entered and stored only once and then used by all the departments and modules simultaneously.
  3. This system offers a lot of flexibility to respond to the ever-changing needs of the enterprise. It allows attaching or detaching any module as and when required without affecting the other modules.
  4. This system provides business intelligence tools such as executive information tool, decision support tool, easy warning tool, data mining and reporting to enable people to improve decision making, resulting in overall enhancement of business processes.

Secured Intranet

An Intranet is a private computer network to securely share information or operational systems within certain boundaries. This ensures productivity and quicker workflow but eliminates the chance of external attacks and theft of confidential data.

Intranets are very popular for agencies, and divisions where employees do not need access to the full content of the Internet but need to share information among themselves.

NybSys has implemented a secured Intranet for various government agencies across borders. Our Intranet is fast, reliable, organized, and in all cases increases the productivity of our clients.

Electronic Document Management System

Our Electronic Document Management System stores and organizes a large volume of digital documents. This system is extremely helpful for any office dealing with tons of important papers and files. The primary function of this system is to manage electronic information without disrupting existing organization workflow.

An EDMS must be capable of providing secure access, maintaining the context, and executing disposition instructions for all records in the system. This is a collection of technologies that are used to create, capture, index, distribute, review, maintain, store, retrieve and dispose of information assets.