Procurement Management Systems

Procurement Management Systems

NybSys provides next level procurement management solutions to the government and parastatal agencies. Our procurement systems offer enhanced, fully integrated electronic purchasing system for managing the processes associated with requisition, reviewing, contracting and purchasing from vendors. NybSys Procurement Management Systems streamline the entire procurement life-cycle.

Because NybSys Procurement System covers so many activities, it is broken down to several modules so clients can manage their relevant activities in a focused way.

Basic Procurement System

NybSys Basic Procurement System is an end to end computerized system that manages the purchasing activities of government and parastatal agencies. This system ensures transparency in governmental purchase and establishes standardized practices in procurement.

  • This system smartly automates government procurement activities.
  • It enhances procurement process and ensures potential long-term cost savings.
  • It simplifies financial settlement and vendor follow up.

Chart of Accounts Management

The NybSys Chart of Accounts Management System maintains listing of accounts and defines each class of items for which money or the equivalent is spent or received. It organizes finance and segregates expenditures, revenue, assets and liabilities in order to give interested parties a better understanding of the financial health of the entity. Our system helps in identifying and defining the objectives of procurement.

Supply Chain Management

The NybSys Supply Chain Management System integrates government agencies, suppliers, and customers to improve response time to satisfy demand. An effective supply chain management system ensures efficiency in the delivery of goods or services.

Inventory Management

Government Inventory Management System improves government activity flow and reduces inefficiency by automating inventory operational procedures to save time and money. Inventory management systems also track how much of any given product or asset remains unutilized after a particular period of time.

Payment System

NybSys Payment System runs an operational framework supporting transfer of funds to suppliers after goods are delivered or services are rendered.

  • Every payment is fully traceable from the requirement raise to release of fund.
  • Reduce cost by replacing the paper-based alternatives.
  • Secure, reliable, fast, efficient, and flexible.