Public Safety — A Journey towards Safer Planet

Public safety operations are aimed at protecting citizens from risk and danger with the help of 4G/5G network solutions that power innovative applications like body-worn cameras, drones, and biometric sensors. A stable network enables reliable communications, which improves reaction times and operational efficiency. The NybSys Sentra PTT App and Dispatch, powered by Malin’s private wireless solution:

  • Enables public safety personnel and relevant command and control centers to cross-communicate more efficiently.
  • Securely transmit important data via on-person devices.
  • And enhance your situational awareness when you are in potentially dangerous circumstances.

Moreover, we have IP surveillance cameras like Survello, which use an innovative video analytics system to keep an eye on public safety in diverse environments. We also unveil FaceNext, an automated access control system to secure individual identities.

Why Smart City?

The concept of being “connected” is no longer restricted to electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones. Connectivity is now ubiquitous, on devices large and small, playing a crucial role in people’s lives. In the new era of the Internet of Things (IoT), our daily experiences are being enhanced by real-time information and control of ‘things’ that are all around us. For cities to reap the many benefits of being “smart”, intelligent connected infrastructures built with the help of IoT is a must. A smart city will have a cyber-physical system that employs data collection, storage, processing, and visualization to achieve efficiency, sustainability, productivity, and safety goals. Once such infrastructure is put in place, it allows a city to take advantage of ongoing technological advancements and ultimately improve citizens’ day-to-day lives. By 2025, the smart city market might be worth $1.56 billion worldwide. NybSys solution components are already being used in multiple smart city use-cases. The comprehensive suite of IoT solutions from Nybsys can be used to create a smart metropolitan area with enhanced quality of life for its citizens.

Public Safety Solutions

The world is rapidly transitioning towards the digital age in many aspects of life. We're all on our phones perusing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter between Snapchat photos, yet some areas of social life require awareness & constant monitoring to be safe. This is where NybSys public safety solutions come into play.

AI-Based Surveillance System for Public Safety

NybSys offer IP surveillance cameras such as Survello, which are equipped with a robust video analytics system and can monitor the state of public safety in various situations. With this technology, we can:
  • Traces and identifies anyone who breaches your territory.
  • Archives information for later use in the analysis.
  • It marks the anomaly with an overlay.
  • Displays a graph of recent events.

In addition, we provide FaceNext, an autonomous user access mechanism designed to protect individual identities. Security suites like FaceNext make factories safer by letting managers limit access to certain people, machines, and locations. It’s time to take on the security & safety difficulties with a more savvy strategy, such as FaceNext.

Smart Road Solutions

Through the use of our IoT sensors and the IG100 gateway, we’ve developed a system for “smart roads” that improve both driving comfort and safety. Those that travel along them may get continuous updates on the state of the roads and the weather. 

Our solution can also assist drivers in locating available parking spots and warn them of oncoming traffic to reduce the risk of collisions. They are especially helpful in mountainous regions where landslides are common. NybSys provides the traffic personnel with Sentra PTT and Sentra Dispatch to ensure they are always connected promptly and efficiently.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle theft is a reason for concern in civil society. Only 25% of stolen vehicles are recaptured.  Installing CCTV cameras in critical locations helps recover stolen vehicles. However, the issue is that not every location has CCTV cameras installed. Even after the car has been stolen, remote control and location tracking can help retrieve it more quickly.

Our IoT unit has come up with a solution for this problem leveraging components like Arduino, GPS, and tracking sensors, and it’s called smart vehicle safety. Our GPS-enabled public safety solution for vehicles allows constant management of the stolen vehicle. It protects the vehicle by locking the doors and preventing it from moving. Sending a command from your phone can restart the vehicle and open the doors.

Public Fire Safety for the Workplace

Installing fire and smoke detectors in your office or factory is necessary to be notified instantly in the event that there is a concern. Improved compliance and fire safety in the workplace are both enabled by the NybSys fire safety solution. This is accomplished without the need for labor-intensive and time-consuming manual inspection of fire protection equipment.

Our fire sensors that are connected to the internet of things monitor the smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire doors in your building. In the event of an emergency, when every second counts, NybSys solution will promptly inform you of any change in the state or potential for fire.

As an added bonus, fire rescue workers and control centers can coordinate their efforts more effectively with the help of our Sentra dispatch or PTT powered by Malin private wireless.

Safety Alarms by Motion Sensors

Our motion sensors that are based on IoT technology are an integral part of the connected building security system. It has the ability to set up alarms, which will notify you whenever there is movement in or around the building. These devices capture and analyze sounds and inputs in 2D & 3D in order to detect and prevent any suspicious activity.

Key Benefits

Easy & Constant Fire Safety Monitoring

Our smart IoT sensors operate with alarms, personal safety devices, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. Our fire safety solution is also straightforward to operate. NybSys’ IoT-enabled dashboard reports on all connected fire safety equipment’s status, eliminating manual inspections and record-keeping.

Proactive, Real-Time Security Alerts

Whenever a violation has taken place, our default safety mechanisms will notify you. It will decline the number of cases of injury, theft, and even the possibility of death. You are able to get notifications about recent activity in and around your residence via any mobile device, regardless of where you are in the world.

Control from Anywhere

If you use a conventional system, you must remember when to equip and disable it. Our efficient safety solutions can be supervised remotely through any mobile device or desktop computer. Whether you’re at the office, out and about, or on vacation, you can log in to your safety system and check in on what’s happening at your workplace or residence at any time.

Reduce Vehicle Theft

Our public safety solution for vehicles enabled with GPS reduces the risk of vehicle theft. Our IP surveillance camera Survello provides an advanced video analytics system and can keep an eye on the safety of the building.