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Push to Talk Over Cellular All about POC Radios- NybSys

Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a revolutionary technology that offers seamless communication. In this modern, competitive, and interconnected world, PoC performs as a bridge between traditional two-way radios and the convenience of mobile phones.

This excellent technology provides greater coverage to communicate over 4G or 5G networks flexibly. You can access them using a smartphone app without multiple communication devices. However, this technology impacts and enhances routing, response times, and productivity.
In this case, Nybsys Inc. can be the right choice as we are a leading communication solutions provider. Our Push to Talk over Cellular solution, Sentra PTT App, can empower businesses with lots of features and facilities.

People are choosing Push to Talk over Cellular radios for their wide area coverage, low cost, and the ability to accommodate voice and video communications. As proof, the study by Fortune Business Insights found that the global PoC market may reach $25.22B by 2027. Besides, LTE and 5G infrastructure offer new lucrative offers to expand the market. 

Got curious, right? Let’s discuss the definition of PoC (also known as PTToC). In short, it is a direct one-to-one and one-to-many voice communication service. It enables instant and real-time voice communication over cellular networks – just like a walkie-talkie but with unlimited range. 

PoC replicates the functionality of two-way radios on smartphones through an app. In this way, it allows users to communicate over fast-paced networks. Users can initiate communication through this half-duplex mode by pushing a button on the app. But it allows only one person to talk at a time.

You can use both cellular data and WiFi networks for maneuvering Push-to-talk (PTT) over Cellular devices. However, there is no need for repeaters or additional equipment.

How does Push to Talk over Cellular Work?

Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) utilizes the existing cellular network infrastructure to provide instant, group-based voice communication. The most interesting part is that it leverages the widespread reach of cellular networks, unlike old two-way radios that relied on dedicated infrastructure. 

When you press the PTT button on your PoC device, the voice message is converted into digital packets and sent over the cellular network. These packets are routed to other devices that are subscribed to the same PoC service and tuned to the same channel. 

On the other hand, the recipients can receive the message instantly and respond in kind. And it creates a dynamic two-way communication experience.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of how PoC works:

  • Push to Talk (PTT) Activation: A user presses the PTT button on their PoC device, initiating the transmission of a voice message.
  • Cellular Network Relay: The voice signal is converted into digital data and sent over the cellular network to the PoC service provider.
  • Data Packet Delivery: The PTToC service provider delivers the data packets to PoC devices that are subscribed to the same group or channel.
  • Voice Reception: The recipient’s PoC device receives the data packets, decodes them back into a voice signal, and plays it through the speaker.

This process allows for rapid and efficient communication among users within the same PoC group. It ensures seamless coordination and collaboration in real time.

Why do People Choose to Push to Talk over Cellular?

PoC was introduced by Nextel in 1987 as an alternative to two-way radios. It revolutionized business communication by passing small voice packets across their iDEN network. But the newest Push to Talk over Cellular has upgrades and features to function with 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Modern businesses can connect their employees, consumers, and partners instantly, regardless of their locations, through PoC apps and devices. Therefore, these are some major reasons to select Push to Talk Over Cellular architecture.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses choose PoC:

Instant PTT Communication

PoC's real-time push-to-talk (PTT) functionality enables instant communication with a single button press. It eliminates the need for lengthy voice calls or text messages. Also, it is ideal for businesses that need to coordinate activities quickly and efficiently.

Reduced Capital Expense

Businesses can spend money on something other than expensive infrastructure investments. It reduces capital expenses and simplifies deployment.

No Spectrum Licensing

Traditional two-way radios often incur spectrum licensing fees, adding to operational costs. PoC, utilizing cellular networks, eliminates this requirement, keeping costs down.

Easy Setup

PoC devices are typically compatible with existing cellular networks, making setup and integration effortless. If you have limited IT resources and technical expertise, you are still good at deploying PoC solutions.

Great Sound Quality

PoC devices offer crystal-clear audio quality. It ensures that voice messages are received and understood with minimal distortion, even in challenging environments.

Long Distance Communications

PoC's ability to utilize cellular networks extends communication range beyond the limitations of traditional two-way radios. So teams or employees from different areas can stay connected. 

In addition to these benefits, PoC can also provide businesses with a variety of other features, like GPS tracking, emergency alerts, and voice recording. These features can help businesses improve safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Industries that Use POC as Their Communication Solution

Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) has revolutionized the communication landscape. It offers a seamless and efficient alternative to traditional two-way radios.
Aviation- Push to Talk over Cellular


PoC plays a crucial role in maintaining clear and instant communication between pilots, crew members, and ground control. Its real-time updates and group messaging capabilities help coordinate critical tasks, conduct regular status checks, and swiftly address any emergencies.

Public Safety- Push to Talk over Cellular

Public Safety

Law enforcement, emergency response teams, and security personnel rely heavily on PoC for rapid and coordinated communication. Its immediate and one-to-many messaging capabilities enable effective incident management, real-time information sharing, and efficient coordination during emergencies and high-pressure situations.

Utilities and Mining- Public Safety- Push to Talk over Cellular

Utilities and Mining

PoC provides a secure and reliable communication solution in the demanding environments of utilities and mining operations. Its wide coverage area ensures that everyone can communicate across vast distances. Moreover, its advanced features, like GPS tracking and lone worker protection, enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Transportation and Logistics

PTT over Cellular enables seamless and secure communication between drivers, dispatchers, and fleet managers. They can get real-time updates and message groups and track them through GPS to streamline operations. Also, PoC improves delivery efficiency and enhances safety compliance.

Oil and Gas

In the dynamic and hazardous oil and gas industry, PoC offers a reliable communication solution. Indeed, it is resilient to harsh environments. Besides, its ability to handle large workforces helps to coordinate field operations, manage emergencies, and ensure worker safety.

Campus Environments

On college campuses and other educational institutions, PoC arranges a safe communication platform for students, faculty, and staff. It facilitates seamless communication between departments, event coordination, and enhances campus safety.

Local and Central Government

Government agencies at all levels utilize PoC to enhance communication between departments, coordinate emergency response, and provide effective public services. They can approach many people quickly and efficiently. In this way, they can maintain public safety, manage crises, and deliver service efficiently.


PoC fosters real-time communication between project managers, site supervisors, and field workers. It has features like group messaging and other location-based features. They enhance task coordination, safety monitoring, and overall project management.

Nybsys PoC solutions

Unleash the Power of Enhanced Communication
with Nybsys PoC Solutions

Our Sentra Push-to-Talk (PTT) app is a robust, secure, and easy-to-use real-time communication and tracking solution. It transforms a smartphone into a next-generation walkie-talkie, providing always-on communication for frontline teams. Thus, it is free and bundled with Nybsys communication solutions, including 4G/5G private wireless solutions.

Besides the app, Our PoC solutions offer these benefits:

  • Seamless, instant communication
  • Unparalleled coverage
  • Cost efficient
  • Enhanced safety and efficiency 
  • Scalable and adaptable 
  • User-friendly interface

Partner with Nybsys and Experience the Transformation

Join the growing number of organizations that have embraced Nybsys’ PoC solutions and experience the transformative impact on their communication and operations. 

Our dedicated team will provide the personalized support and expertise you need to maximize the benefits of our PoC solutions.

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