Sentra PTT App

A multi-platforms supported app that can connect your teams instantly.

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Sentra PTT app connects your team instantly. The app is private and secured. You can even host the app by yourself in your cloud of private infrastructure. Sentra app supports multi-platforms: Android, iOS, web browsers, and even your Android Auto supported car. The Sentra App has been embedded into IoT devices, e.g., vending machines intercoms. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that can be deployed to any device. The Sentra is the best push-to-talk app. There is no single app that provides complete integration from mobile devices to IoT devices. This app is not just a walkie-talkie on the phone. Its rich media features, alerts, photos, location sharing, face recognition, and live video analytics provide this app the greatest power, which is unparalleled to any other.

Sentra PTT App Features for Android & iOS

Instant Touch

You can connect your team just by touching a button. Use any mobile phone like a walkie-talkie feature that extends your corporate two-way radios or just an extension of your IP PABX or Cisco CUCM / Cisco UCCX. No time delay to dial someone and find that person. The user will get the message live, or the message will automatically be recorded on his phone. The receiver will receive it in any way from any network, any device, and anywhere in the world. It is the best app for mission-critical comms.

Talk Group or Individual

Sentra lets a user instantly contact an individual or a group under different channels using the push-to-talk service. Group call supports floor controls and can set the priorities to talk or hold in a group talk. Individual calls are just like calls between two parties. Land mobile radios can easily communicate as a group member and similarly, an individual can call the traditional walkie-talkie from anywhere. 


Alerts are the key while maintaining mission-critical comms. It can be a man-down alert or an auto-generated alert from an IoT sensor. e.g., fire alarm from a smoke sensor or intruder alarm from a PIR sensor. An alarm can also be generated from a video camera. NybSys Survello platform generates suspicious object detection or anomaly detection alarms which can be automatically routed to the Sentra platform. NYBFACE can also generate unwanted person or VIP customer arrival alarms which can be forwarded to any users in the Sentra platform, including dispatch.


Do you need to see who is active and where they are located when doing group calls? Sentra plots all group members on an online map. You can also see all activities: alerts, photos, and live voice logs showing the member and their location of the message’s origin. In mission-critical comms, the interaction and their sites are very vital to maintain a real-time response system. Sentra PTT App collects locations and the dispatch system displays details of group locations for managing group communication.

Radio Integration

Any traditional radio networks can be integrated using our VIG device. Once our VIG is connected with LMRG features, each radio channel appears as a Sentra User in the group or individual call. A Sentra user can push and talk to any radio network natively from anywhere. Currently, we support analog, DMR, P25, and NXDN land mobile radio networks with the Sentra Gateway system. You can build one Sentra app and radio network together so that expensive radio coverage will not be required anymore.  


Even if a person is not online or active in another channel, there remains no chance of missing out on any conversations. A backup of the entire group communication remains stored as history. We also offer historical reports and analysis with the Sentra Dispatch. 

Access Anywhere

The Sentra PTT usage is not limited to any specific network, device, or technology. It is a ready to go feature with very high security and reliability. So, the walkie-talkie on the phone can be accessed anywhere.

High Security

One of the most significant advantages of the app is that it is highly secured. All keys are exchanged using certificates. Users can install a custom certificate and the level of encryption they are looking for. Hence, it is the perfect medium of communication for public safety or any mission-critical communication.

Photo Sharing

A picture tells a thousand words. You can share photos like Instagram or Snapchat in the Sentra app. Group photos and videos can be shared with the dispatcher, making it easy to explain the situation without saying a word. Live video and real-time analytics on photos and videos are available in our NYBFace and Survello platform, integrated with the Sentra platform.

Sentra PTT with its wide variety of use cases is the ultimate application to help in eliminating the challenges of many fields. It can play a major role in establishing a secured mode of communication for any concerned party. All its extensive characteristics can turn this system to become the best push-to-talk app out there.

Car Connect

The Sentra App connects a car audio and dashboard system if Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is enabled in the vehicle. The Sentra Car Connect offers uninterrupted communication while driving with a hands-free option. Channel lists are displayed in the car dashboard, and users can mute and unmute a channel. The Android Auto support will ensure hand-free conversation. No additional installation or license is needed. The Sentra App, when installed on the phone and connected via car USB, the app will be loaded in the car. You can press and talk if you prefer on the phone while driving or enable the VAD feature. Car Connect feature is only limited to talking and message listening capacity. Only Sentra offers this feature that can replace a need for mobile devices installed in a car. A single app can be used as a portable or a mobile installed in the vehicle without physically installing anything.

Benefits of Sentra PTT App

Sentra PTT turns a smartphone into a next-generation walkie-talkie and extends several advanced benefits. The Sentra platform with the best push-to-talk app is here to become a revolutionary part of today’s intelligent technology.

  • Push to talk via instant touch acts as a great time saver.
  • Provides better management of facilities over any network.
  • An easy way to manage large groups requiring instant talking.
  • Real-time location sharing helps to view the teams in action.
  • Admin panel can set customizable alerts.
  • Low latency helps to transmit messages and images faster.
  • Any number of groups or channels can be created.
  • Any number of users can use it under certain terms and conditions.