Revenue Management Systems

Revenue Management Systems

NybSys Revenue Management Systems are ground breaking systems helping governments make an immediate impact on revenue management. Possessing over 10 years of experience in IT innovation, NybSys is relentless about finding ways to provide sustainable, more insightful ways of revenue related information. Our Revenue Management System is about giving you more control over your goals.

We offer a complete suite of integrated applications for forecasting, revenue collection, revenue monitoring etc. We also provide dedicated revenue management solutions for customs & excise and international trade.

Revenue Forecasting System

NybSys offers a comprehensive revenue forecasting system which enables interactive multi-year financial forecasts, historic trend and statistical analysis. This easy-to-use solution allows the capability to create accurate and credible forecasts, along with the tools for efficiently managing, monitoring and improving the forecast process.

NybSys Revenue Forecasting System avails some world-class features to generate accurate revenue forecasting.

  • We offer a wide range of forecasting models depending on your requirements.
  • Different tools are available for forecast collaboration and team forecasting.
  • Reports are generated in adequate flexible, user-friendly formats.
  • This system can be easily integrated with databases and corporate systems and also easily customizable.

Revenue Collection Management

NybSys Revenue Collection System is a consolidated cash collection solution designed to be a centralized payment system. It is a solution for governments to receipt all types of revenue like, tax, utility bills, permits, fees and fines etc.

Some major benefits of the system include:

  • Our system allows you to easily create transactions that can be automatically tracked and reported.
  • You can easily make fair and accurate appraisal to apply property taxes.
  • This system is easily scalable and cost-effective.
  • Our system increases collection efficiency by efficient time utilization

Revenue Monitoring System

  • Tracks revenue collection in real time,
  • Flexible, easy to understand, user generated reports provides at a glance view of revenue collection scenario.
  • Compares forecasts to actual results and provides guidance on actions required.

Customs & Excise Operation Management

The NybSys Customs & Excise Operation Management System is developed as a solution which covers most foreign trade procedures, handles manifests and customs declarations, accounting procedures, investigate tax issues, improves transparency and communication, reduces delays in clearing goods, and maximize the collection of customs revenue.

The system:

  • Helps with automatic calculation of duties payable on any bonded products plus seamless Duty/VAT rate updates.
  • Generates documents and reports meeting all standards and schedules.
  • Enables interfacing customs data to host business systems maintaining adequate security and efficiency.
  • Delivers total process control across receipt, stock management, duty and dispatch.

Direct Trader Input (DTI) System

Direct Trader Input (DTI) is a new way of lodging customs declarations. This system is a major leap towards computerization and automation of Customs. DTI enables traders to lodge their customs declarations online which can dramatically reduce time and efforts in document submission.

The DTI system:

  • Provides traders direct access to the Customs’ information system.
  • Helps to minimize declaration processing errors.
  • Helps to standardize procedures and controls on declarations at all Customs Offices.
  • Provides full service on data capture of declarations on behalf of agents.