Discipline and security in workplaces is an essential part of running your organization smoothly. Ensuring office security through access control, monitor attendance, and manage roasters of your workers are part of good governance. Many organizations have these functions but not in an integrated way.

Racson’s Scheduler combines the security and management functions to provide a complete workforce management solution with tools available for control access to office premises, monitor attendance, managing roasters for shift employees, and calculate overtime. It offers a powerful, scalable, secured scheduling system that meets your needs.


Scheduler utilizes biometric fingerprint scanners to control access and record entry and exit of your employees into workplace. All entry and exit points should have a Biometric device which will open doors only if it recognized the fingerprint. In case the premises needs to have public access, the system can operate in non-restrictive mode (allow door opening without fingerprint recognition) but will store the entry exit records. The data is stored in a central database for further processing. The devices can cover multiple buildings through network connectivity.

Racson’s intelligent Scheduler software analyses the records to produce management reports which can be customized as per your requirements. The report shows attendance, late entry, early exit etc. It also automatically calculate overtime.

Scheduler can integrate with major HR systems to protect your investments.


Creating Schedules:

Create schedule for your shift workers. The scheduling function uses an easy to use interface similar to calendar view of MS Outlook.


When your employees work more than their working hours, the Scheduler software calculates overtime automatically, saving you valuable time, money. The system recognizes normal working hours, committed overtime hours, and extra overtime hours. The system can also produce report on deviations from committed overtime hours and actual working hours.

Attendance Reports:

Entries and exits of employees are automatically recorded using Biometric Fingerprint Scanners.

Our solution Benefits

  • Paperless, effortless accurate scheduling creation,
  • Automatic attendance recording,
  • Mobile and desktop based dashboard of scheduling for assigned personnel,
  • Comprehensive and accurate reports,
  • Reduce unauthenticated overtime claims,
  • Compare estimated and actual scheduling with actual overtime calculation.