Sentra Dispatch

A Brand New Unified Dispatch Experience. The only full feature web-based dispatch in the market, Sentra Dispatch.

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Unified Web-based Dispatch: Sentra Dispatch

The days of traditional dispatch dinosaurs are over! No additional installation hassle, no need to call corporate IT support, no need to have a fixed desk, foot pedals, and a complex multicast network!

That’s right- It is time to introduce the only full feature web-based dispatch in the market!

Get to Dispatch, Anywhere-Anytime!

When quick responses are a priority, a faster dispatch is a must. Sentra Dispatch is here to provide you with the quickest and most reliable system that simplifies your daily radio dispatch operations. Since it doesn’t require any specific device, you can get to dispatching from your home, office, or remote location!

Today any device can be converted into a responsive and configurable dispatch console.

Device-Independent, brGet to Dispatch, Anywhere-Anytime!
Why Sentra Dispatch

Why Sentra Dispatch?

The Sentra Platform provides flexible and scalable communication interoperability that enhances the value of radio, telephony, and the IP communications networks.

It is dynamic solution that connects different users instantly be it from a PABX system, analog radio, or Sentra PTT over cellular, Wi-Fi or LTE networks. Its integration with the Sentra Push to Talk (PTT) app a cherry on the top of all features.

Sentra Dispatch Features

Instant Connection, Secured Medium, Customizable Interface

Connect with Your Teams Instantly with Sentra Dispatch!

It dissolves communication silos between disparate land mobile radio systems and any other telephony devices. It even supports interoperable communications (with a VIG Appliance) among users at the speed of light.

Say Goodbye to External Threats-

Eliminate any security threats with the Sentra Dispatch! The system uses AES-256 and RSA2048 to encrypt messages and voice-keeping communications secure and private.

A Cool Dark Mode or a Sunny Light Mode – Design it Yourself!

The customizable interface lets you change the mode, the channel arrangements, etc. Sentra dispatch gives the best user experience with its out-of-the-box dispatch console design which can be tailored.

Precise Location Tracking

Sentra Dispatch has been specifically designed to meet mobile workforce usage requirements.

Be it your public safety personnel, salesforce field service or event management – real-time location sharing will help you to prioritize the safety of your team, first hand! Tracking their location will scale up your organization’s work efficiency as well.

Precise Location Tracking
Share Unlimited Images, Texts, Videos, and Recordings!

Share Unlimited Images, Texts, Videos, and Recordings!

NybSys has developed the perfect console to provide a next-generation dispatch experience. The console delivers media collaboration between users on multiple channels. You can send unlimited images, texts, alerts, and recordings through your channel. This PTT integrated dispatch console has made sharing images during emergencies a resourceful feature among the dispatchers and the mobile workforce.


Sentra Dispatch is a unified communication system. The system is equipped with advanced dispatch console components. It aims to provide the best dispatching platform so that even small organizations can efficiently communicate with all their contacts.

Seamless Individual or Group Conversation

One to one or one to many, all types of conversation possible.

Dispatch Experience Catered Specifically for You

Provides a better out of box dispatching interface which can be tailored to meet the dispatcher’s needs.

Your Go-to System during Any Emergency

Automated alerts will be sent to multiple channels in an instant during the time of any emergency.

A Platform Affordable for Everyone

A cost-efficient platform for organizations to handle day-to-day operations.

Monitor Your Teams

Real-time location tracking establishes more coherent communication among teams.

Unlimited Multimedia Sharing

Any number of images and videos can be shared among multiple groups.

Mission-Critical Dispatching

A secured line of contact enables reliable dispatching for any mission-critical task!

VoIP Redefined

Easy SIP call or speed dial options make phone calls quick and easy.