Smart City

Nybsys have a full range of IoT products to collect all kinds of data.


Smart BIN

Whether you’re a private collector of glass and paper, or a local authority or municipality…


Water ATM

Fresh clean drinking water through ATM machines is NybSys’s recent innovation…

Smart people take decision based on available information. A city generates a lot of data on a daily basis. Nybsys have a full range of IoT products to collect all kinds of data. It then produce meaningful information through it’s own data analytics platform.

The transformed data can automate many types of work and give valuable insight for the authorities. The solutions can be deployed city wide or in smaller scale where needed.

Key Benefits

AI Based Faster & Reliable Service

With predictive maintenance, smart cities take action before anything happens. With AI, it is possible to take decisions automatically based on available information and take actions. This gives large and small cities to deliver services automatically and proactive

Reduce Cost Through Optimized Operation

Smart cities take informed decisions. With a lot of data collected on current operations, it is easy to see where inefficiencies are and optimize them. Automatic scheduling, notification helps the city to run the operation without interruptions.

Flexibility in Deployment

There are multiple ways in implementing solutions for a smart city. You can start small and grow as you gain valuable insights. You can also decide to move to the future at once by modernizing your infrastructure.

Use Cases

Public Safety


Smart City