Water ATM

The Water ATM machine is a fully functional prepay system comprising Hardware and Software.

Fresh clean drinking water through ATM machines is NybSys’s recent innovation. NybSys is working with organization working to provide safe drinking water for everybody. We have developed the Water ATM so that people can dispense fresh water when needed.

The Water ATM machine is a fully functional prepay system comprising Hardware and Software. We provide Water cards to clients which they use for requesting water. When they request water by present the water card to a Water ATM, it checks your account and dispense water if you have enough balance. The Water ATM uses NybSys’s IoT Gateway iG100 to read the water card, get account details from a cloud server, and controls the water dispensing unit. The Water ATM controls the water flow using a solenoid valve and measure the volume dispensed using a flow sensor. The machines calculated the charges based on customer requirement.

Customers can recharge their accounts by paying cash or using authorized Mobile Financial Services.

The Cloud backend is a full featured prepay system. It keeps account balance information in real-time. It deducts balance when water is dispensed. It increases balance when the client recharges using cash or Mobile Financial Services. There is a Dashboard which provide many useful reports and metrics.

We also have mobile apps for authorized operators which is used to recharge and customer registration.

Components of NybSys Water ATM

  • Water Dispensing Unit: This is the hardware that reads data from your Water Card, send the data to a cloud server for verification and account balance confirmation. This dispensing unit controls the water dispense through a Solenoid Valve and measure the volume of water dispensed using a flow sensor.
  • Cloud server: This is a fully functional Prepay Account Management system. This records customer information, their account details, ATM info and locations, and water transaction records. It also keeps track of customer recharge and other financial data.
  • Dashboard: This is a web based portal where you can monitor all kinds of transactions, generate reports, manage pump, ATM settings. It shows in real time any water dispense.
  • Mobile App: This app is used by authorized operators for registering new customers and recharge customer account balance.



  • ATM Machine: The ATM Machines use our iG100 IoT Gateway. Please see here (insert iG100 page link here) for a detailed specification of iG100.
  • Sensors: We use a high quality Flow Sensor for measuring the volume of water dispensed.
  • Solenoid valve: This is used to control the flow of water. It starts the water flow when a customer requests for water and stops when the customer


  • Cloud Infrastructure: We are using AWS for hosting our cloud infrastructure. All servers, databases, and applications run from AWS.
  • Reports: The system have comprehensive reporting showing all transactions and other metrics. You can generate reports based on your needs and time duration.