Connected Transportation—A Safe & Secure Transportation for the Future

Connected Transportation—A Safe & Secure Transportation for the Future

4G/5G Private wireless can provide focused network connectivity for airports, sea ports, transportation hubs, and rail-lines. The rise of 5G powers new innovations such as connected autonomous vehicles, increasingly smart and efficient logistics, and improved urban transportation. Nybsys connectivity solution provides a robust network powering such applications. And Nybsys Sentra PTT solution provides reliable, robust communications for transportation personnel, improving situational awareness, coordination, and employee safety.

A Safe & Secure Transportation for the Future

The connected transportation industry is evolving rapidly. Most of the future innovationsin transportation are reliant on fast reliable wireless connectivity. Connecting devices and vehicles within a secure dependable wireless network, can lead to the reduction in cost of transportation, emission reductions, and safety improvements. It can improve public transportation, cargo shipping, and even ride-sharing. Nybsys offers multiple wireless technologies that applies to connected transportation.

Other than Sentra real-time communications and our 4G/5G networks, Nybsys also provides IoT-based connected transportation. Nybsys IG100 IoT gateway and IG500 Edge AI/ML gateways allows intelligent data processing within the vehicle and in the cloud for smart vehicles.

Impact of 5G on Connected Transportation Sectors

As per World Bank, 5G will enable significant transformations in 3 major potential transportation sector applications. These use cases include the rise of connected autonomous vehicles, increased smart and efficient logistics, and improved urban transportation with Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms. 

Rather than waiting for 5G to be ubiquitous, Nybsys already provides 4G wireless solutions that can be easily upgraded to 5G. The power and capabilities of our 5G/4G networks will make it easier for passengers and goods to get where they need to go, and in turn also help transportation sector companies see an increase in demand.

Connected Transportation Solutions

By maintaining continuous and uninterrupted communication channels, Nybsys connected transportation solutions can boost productivity while also ensuring the smooth flow of passengers and freight. Learn more below about our connected transportation services for land, sea, air, and more.

Rail Transportation

Maintaining on-time train service or resolving an issue on the tracks require a stable communications infrastructure. With the proper equipment, problems can be prevented from becoming emergencies by keeping a close eye on the system in real-time. NybSys provides effective communication between railroad employees and authorities through integrated communication systems. Reliable, robust communications for transportation personnel are provided by high-performing digital radios like Sentra DMR, private wireless network Nybsys 4G, and Sentra PTT solution, all of which boost situational awareness.

Air Transportation

In response to rising air traffic and stricter security checks,airports are facing increasing pressure to move passengers swiftly and smoothly from the curbside to their airlines.

By maximizing the flow of data and the use of available resources, Nybsys enables airports to achieve the highest levels of collaboration and efficiency in all that they do. The Nybsys collection of devices provides unlimited adaptability, making them ideal for use in powering a smart airport. Using our dependable communication solutions like Sentra PTT & DMR, raises the bar on airport productivity and customer service.

Sea Transportation

A synchronized workforce is crucial for Sea-ports to be able to support both day-to-day operations as well as surge-traffic and high peak demand. The capacity to convey information effectively across a variety of settings, including between the workers of a port and the crew of a ship is essential to the success of port operations.

Nybsys provides 4G/5G communication solutions to help meet operating and regulatory requirements for sea transportation. Our Sentra PTT may be utilized by maritime employees who want to improve coordination and employee safety. Our 4G/5G private wireless solutions can provide secure uninterrupted access for all port users.

Delivery and Logistics

Nybsys communication solutions assist in optimizing vehicles so that they can better serve the supply chain and, thereby the end-consumers. Vehicles can be tracked in real-time, and deliveries can be tracked with IoT sensors and tags.

Our communication solutions can be tailored to your unique tracking, monitoring and auditing requirements. This way we can enable effective and efficient workflows that in turn can help you surpass your customers’ expectations.


Connected transportation improves convenience, speed, and traffic flow. Real-time transportation services save companies and individuals time and money. Here’s some of the major benefits.

Hyperconnected and Secure Transportation

The connected transportation system ensures that you are always safe and secure. The system constantly monitors your surroundings. With DMR, WiFi, and LTE, it’s always connected. Faster incident response reduces operational risk.

Safe Urban Area

The introduction of 5G networks presents a game-changing prospect for urban mobility by allowing communities to update their transportation infrastructure.  Urban areas can benefit in several ways, including developing dynamic transport planning to reduce traffic congestion and reallocation of space for cyclists and pedestrians.

Secure Logistic Operations

With the introduction of connected transportation, a fully automated and interconnected logistics industry is possible, with remarkable levels of efficiency. Logistics management will be benefited with improved port and rail safety, infrastructure surveillance, third-party logistics (3PL) operator support, and increased performance and productivity.

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