A smart factory is a digitally interconnected industrial facility

A smart factory is a digitally interconnected industrial facility
A smart factory is a factory where a network of machinesare interconnected with high-bandwidth fast communications. Data from these machines are processed in real-time by high-performance computing using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques. This data analysis drives automated processes and learn as it goes operations, reducing potential downtime and improving operational productivity. The technological transformations as evidenced in smart factories is also known as Industry 4.0.
NybSys private 4G/5G wireless solutions offer adequate bandwidth and latency for even the most resource-intensive industrial automation processes. Our communications solutions allow fast incident response by factory managers and our IoT solutions can improve factory process workflows.
  • We utilize our Private LTE networks powered by the robust and versatile NybSys 4G/5G platform to reduce the communication gap between factory workers.
  • Our high-bandwidth low-latencyency 5G’s wireless networks with NB-IoT and other Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication support enhathe nce factory’s automation, flexibility, and productivity.
  • IoT sensor and actuator integration with Nybsys IG100 edge integration allow better monitoring and control.
  • Nybsys Sentra PTT allows factory teams to collaborate better in real-time for day-to-day or emergency operations.

Harnessing 5G/4G Network for Smart Factories

A manufacturer’s success depends on its capacity to remain competitive; therefore, developing more efficient and profitable systems is a top priority. To achieve this level of adaptability, factory operators can now adopt enhanced robotic automation in warehouse logistics. They can reduce communication gaps by deploying a speedy interconnected network. And they can improve situational awareness through sensor-based monitoring and control. Nybsys possesses all the technology components required to address these challenges.

Nybsys private wireless 4G and 5G solutions are at the core of Nybsys smart factory approach. They help align resource, energy, and efficiency management into manufacturing processes, by enabling fast, secure and reliable data transfers.

Using our robust & versatile 5G/4G solutions, factory owners can enhance the factory’s automation, flexibility, and productivity, analyze equipment performance, manage production plans, maintain supplies, and coordinate all factory operations.

How NybSys 5G Solutions Can Jump-Start Industry 4.0?

Smart factory also refers to industrial revolution 4.0 or Factories of the future, which signifies the transition from existing systems to more interconnected technologies. Connectivity is the foundation of smart manufacturing; thus, an industrial network must have reliable, secure, and quick connections to gather and process data in real-time to monitor and maintain plant and equipment.

The Nybsys private wireless 5G solution features high capacity, dependable reliability, ultra-speed, low latency, and improved mobility performance. Nybsys 5G is a versatile and powerful business network solution that can handle far more traffic than Wi-Fi, without the hassle of setting up and managing additional access points. It is ideally suited for last mile connectivity in the smart manufacturing supply chain.

Smart Factory Solutions

Factory Automation

The Nybsys smart factory is designed particularly to assist manufacturers to thrive in a convergent environment. Our reliable automation solution provides industries with real-time insight across plants, equipment, supply chains, speed, and remote expertise.

Our factory automation merges previously separated sensors, machines, cells, and zones, allowing for the consolidation of production and management processes.

A unified 4G/5G network provided by Nybsys helps manufacturers adapt quickly to new product launches, planned product line transitions, component supply changes, and product combination changes.
Each step in the production value chain, from raw material procurement to final product distribution, is connected to the real-time data stream for optimal responsiveness.

Factory Automation
Factory Safety and Security

Factory Safety and Security

By integrating with existing Factory Automation systems, factory operators can implement with minimal disruption our solutions that ensure the safety of digital and physical assets in manufacturing facilities.

NybSys Survello and Face next security suites can improve security in a plant by allowing administrators to restrict access to specific users, devices, and geographic areas. The number of workers required on the production floor is reduced and this in turn can reduce worker exposure to accidents.

With Nybsys IoT Automation suite, just-in-time alerts for fire or other dangers allow managers to take quick action to mitigate challenges. Pro-active notification of equipment deterioration can allow early maintenance to avoid equipment failures that can cause accidents.

Supply Chain Integration

The 4G/5G networks offered by NybSys are also beneficial to supply chain logistics. 5G enables improved digitalization, coverage, and tracking, which increases distribution speed. This in turn opens up the possibility of additional productivity-enhancing applications that may be used in warehouses.

Our IoT trackers (assembled with our sensors and iG100 gateway) in the logistics chain allow purchasers to monitor their commodities in real-time. Our 4G/5G networks can connect with autonomous vehicles so that they can respond swiftly to changing traffic circumstances.

Supply Chain Integration
Warehouse Control and Management System

Warehouse Control and Management System

Nybsys smart solutions enable scenarios where delivery vehicles approaching a plant can communicate specific cargo details and arrival time to enable the just-in-time transfer of components to the production line or check-in to stock control. Advanced scenarios with 4G/5G-controlled drones or autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) helping in delivery and alsomonitoring systems and facilities, are enabled with our private, controlled networks.

With the assistance of our dispatch management systems, dispatchers in smart factories and warehouses are able to stay up to date about the ongoing activities that are currently underway.

Benefits of NybSys Smart Factory Solutions

On-demand production and digital warehousing are two examples of smart factory technologies that can help reduce reliance on external suppliers and manufacturers. Take a look at some of the many benefits of our smart factory system!

Improved Safety

Since the Nybsys Smart Factory solution is a certified, carefully tested architecture with capabilities for role-based authentication services, it provides manufacturers with the highest level of security against cyber threats and data breaches.

Preventive Maintenance

When our sensors are connected through 5G, we can get instantaneous updates on how well each piece of machinery is performing. This significantly improves the operational intelligence essential to Smart Factories. Incorporating ML and AI, the data can aid in detecting and mitigating crucial equipment failure.

Improving your Carbon Footprint

Our 4G/5G-based smart factories make it easier to limit carbon footprints. Energy consumption is reduced by enabling businesses to track energy use at each production stage and then implementing the best energy-saving practices.

Reduce Costs

By giving visibility to resource consumption, energy usage, and human input, NybSys smart factory solutions can reduce surplus stock, and identify hidden costs in production and utilities. Managers get better visibility into throughput and mission-critical processes, and much more.


Our smart factory solutions can visually inspect product quality in real-time via a 5G network using cutting-edge vision recognition and neural networks. Production errors can be flagged early and mitigation actions can be taken minimizing production losses.

Machine to Machine Communications

Machine to machine communications for next generation of innovations in manufacturing require very low latency communications between machines. Nybsys 4g/5g communications for connectivity, avoids expensive wiring and also avoids the pitfalls of expensive wifi-deployments.

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