Cloud-Based Smart Poultry Farm that Enhances Productivity, Saves Energy, and Builds a Better Planet

Cloud-Based Smart Poultry that Enhances Productivity, Saves Energy, and Build a Better Planet

With the increasing demand in the global poultry sector every day, it requires to be skillfully managed and nurtured. What better way to bring rapid change without a technical solution! In this era of technological advancement, the scope of automation remains in every field. One example could be a Smart Poultry Farm that can be implemented by using sensors and actuators to monitor the overall environmental parameters of a poultry farm!

NybSys has developed a complete software-hardware solution that addresses some of these challenges, transforming traditional poultry farms into smart poultry farms. The Nybsys smart poultry system reduces expenses, conserves energy, accelerates business development, and eliminates conventional chicken farming barriers.To put it simply, it contributes to the development of a brighter future and a more sustainable planet.

Smart Poultry Farm Sustainable Food Economy

IoT Based Smart Poultry Farm Establish a Climate-Smart, Sustainable Food Economy

The quality and safety of chicken meat have always been one of the primary concerns of customers, which strategically affect the poultry industry’s long-term prospects. The quality of chicken meat can deteriorate by having poor air quality, by keeping animals in the dark, andthrough poultry infections.

Farmers must keep the chickens in a controlled and monitored indoor atmosphere to ensure optimal development.NybSys Smart Poultry makes use of sensors and actuators to monitor the whole environmental parameters of a poultry farm.By regulating the amount of food the chickens eat, checking on the quality of the eggs, and warning us if they’re about to lay a batch before it’s due, our IoT-based smart poultry can help poultry farmers manage the poultry industry better.

Smart Poultry Farm Automation and Monitoring System Necessary Equipment

IoT-based Smart Poultry consists of a number of sensor modules and a gateway. Let’s have a closer look at it for 21 estimated cages:


A device that detects and responds to some form of input from the physical world is known as a sensor. For the Smart Poultry system, currently NybSys has qualified five different sensors. Data from these sensors are delivered to a cloud-based dashboard via the Nybsys iG100 gateway and gateway extender. For the 21 cage scenario, the following sensors are recommended.

Smart Poultry Farm Necessary Equipment
Block Diagram of Smart Poultry Farm

Block Diagram of Smart Poultry Farm


NybSys IG100 IoT Gateway is a key piece that helps automate a poultry farm’s functions, simplifying farm owners’ lives. We recommend using one iG100 gateway for every 21 estimated cages that form the smart poultry system. It connects to the cloud, providing access to farm sensors and actuators.

IG Extenders

The Nybsys IG Extender extends the range of your IoT solution and gives you the ability to connect additional devices. In the 21 cages distributed into 3 buildings scenario, three powerful iG-Extenders can be connected to the actual sensors.


Sensor values can be retrieved and handled using a user-friendly web interface after they are linked. A mobile app on a Smartphone can control and monitor the entire operation.

NybSys Smart Poultry Farm Dashboard

Features of Our IoT Based Smart Poultry Farming System

Using the internet and Nybsys Smart Poultry system, a poultry farm administrator may stay up to date on the conditions within the farm. The major features of our Smart Poultry System include

Farm Temperature Control

Temperature is one of the most important things that must be constantly monitored at a poultry firm. Even unexpected deaths might occur due to temperature differences. Our system controls the temperature using temperature sensors like DHT11 and DHT22.

Humidity Control

Humidity falls second in line in terms of priority. Due to humidity differences, many diseases often affect the chickens. The damp environment is very unsuitable for chickens, as it can make chickens easily sick. Hence, humidity is controlled using sensors like DHT11 and DHT22 sensors.

Exhaust Fan Control

The exhaust fan will turn ON or OFF based on the weather condition existing on the farm. Fans can be connected to the IG100 relays and turned on remotely. This can be done during hot weather conditions or based on data recorded on dust particles.

Water Tank Control

Pure water supply is a necessity at the poultry farm. To ensure a seamless purified water supply, sensors can be placed to confirm water flow and water pumpscan be been automated. The water sensors are connected to the IG100 inputs, and the pump is connected to the IG100 relays.

Auto Feeding System

Poultry farm chickens are quite sensitive. They grow fast and healthy due to timely feeding. To ensure proper feeding supply, an automatic feeding system can be included in our system. The food sensors connect to the IG100 inputs and the feed motor is connected to the IG100 relays.

Dust Control

The NybSys cloud has a user-friendly dashboard that will assist you in keeping track of the state of your broiler flock. Our cloud will analyze the conditions in your farm facilities and report any abnormalities to you. In addition, by looking at historical data, you may use the cloud to gain insights into your broiler farm and take actions to improve the overall conditions and performance of the farm.

Light Control

Lights can provide the necessary heat for chicks, especially in cool weather conditions. As the primary source of heat, the lights can be turned on and off at regular intervals in the Nybsys smart poultry solution, turning them into smart lights

Alert Notification

The risks associated with poultry farming are well recognized, which is why our IoT technology is built to deliver an instantaneous alarm through email or SMS if anything out of the ordinary is discovered within your cage.

Smart Poultry System

Why NybSys Smart Poultry Farm Monitoring System?

easy-installation 1

Easy To Install & Reliable

Our broiler monitoring system is compact and easy to set up on your own. The entire system is reliable in any environment since it uses cutting-edge sensor technology and high-quality components.

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Instant Data Collection & Interpretation

You'll have better control of your broiler flock's condition by seeing crucial information online, on your Smartphone or a PC. This includes the current state and equipment settings.

application 1

User Friendly Application

Because we value you, our broiler monitoring system prioritizes ease of use. It's easy to use and constantly updated to reflect modern consumer preferences.

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Real-Time Response

Nybsys Smart Poultry systems sends out alarms when any of the sensors detect abnormal conditions. This allows farm owners to quickly take action before things get out of control.

Smart Poultry Farm Future Impact

To keep up with the day-to-day growth in demand in the global poultry industry, farms must manage their operations carefully. Farm owners need better visibility of what is going on in their farms and be able to quickly take actions to address issues. Nybsys is investing in R&D into newer and better ways to manage poultry farms with newer sensors and AI for automated actions. Farm Owners with Nybsys smart poultry deployments can be confident that they will have at their fingertips the latest technologies that benefit their industry.
The Smart Poultry solution will integrate our AI-powered video analytics system, Survello with theentire Poultry Automation System. This can improve facilities security, employee productivity, and also allow automation of product count.

Our long-term objective is to improve the system by making it more user-friendly and dependable by expanding the range of sensors that work with our smart poultry system.


Our sensors and gateways are the primary devices that need to be purchased for the smart-poultry solution. We have a dashboard to monitor and manage actions within the farm, for a low monthly subscription cost. For installation and support, Nybsys Support and Services team can be engaged. For a pricing quote that covers your device and installation needs, please contact us at

Nybsys sells its own Gateway products and sensors that have been qualified to work seamlessly with these gateways. Please contact us for an up-to-date catalog of available sensors.

30-day free trials of the software dashboard is available. We can provide live demonstrations of the devices and gateways in our offices or with customer visits to existing sites. For a trial that meets your on-site setup needs, we can provide a custom quote.

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