Nybsys Starter Kit for Crafting Your Private Cellular Network

Get your private cellular network up and running in minutes with Nybsys' network kit for 5G, CBRS, and LTE bands.

Nybsys Private Cellular Starter Kit

Experience a hassle-free, plug-and-play private network solution that’s ready in just minutes.
No prior knowledge of cellular networks required.

5G Starter Kit

An n78 indoor base station, 5 preprogrammed SIM cards, and a 2 UE for testing the 5G network. Our base station instantly connects to our cloud packet core, granting you speedy access to private 5G within minutes. Plus, enjoy complimentary access to Nybcell Admin console for device management, complete with a three-month subscription.

CBRS Starter Kit

You’ll receive a powerful dual-cell CBRS indoor base station capable of connecting up to 384 devices. Along with it, you’ll get 5 SIM cards, 2 UE, and a CBRS-compatible cellular phone. Your CBRS network effortlessly links to our cloud core for easy management and SAS registration. Plus, take advantage of the our Nybcell network admin console with a free 3-month subscription.

LTE Starter Kit

You’ll receive an LTE base station compatible with Band 1 or Band 3, supporting a wide range of LTE devices. Alongside, you’ll have access to 10 SIM cards, allowing you to test this network with any LTE devices. Your LTE network seamlessly connects to our cloud-based LTE packet core, enabling you to establish your cellular network anywhere. Benefit from extensive device support options. Additionally, enjoy a complimentary 3-month subscription to the Nybcell admin console. You also have the flexibility to choose a local packet core. The entire network can function as a ‘Network in a Box (NIB)’ for your convenience.

A fully cloud-based or locally hosted cellular core with base stations, sim cards, and ready-to-go system. It is an indoor system covers up to 300 meters radius.




Demonstration Case

Why Nybsys Starter kit?

Standalone or cloud hosted

LTE Starter kit offers either hosted and local core which supports wide range of use cases. For example, warehouse and factory wants everything on prem as they deploy robots for low latency application. The remote branch office or work site may require cloud hosted core to minimize the technical support.

Realistic Simulation

The LTE Starter kit offers a true-to-life simulation of LTE networks, allowing users to grasp concepts and scenarios as they would occur in real-world deployments.

Modular Design

The Starter kit's modular architecture enables customization and scalability, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases.

Frequency Bands

Covers a selection of popular LTE frequency bands ( LTE Band 1, Band 3 and CBRS band 48), allowing users to explore different frequency scenarios and their impacts on network performance.

Base stations

Customer has a choice of selecting base stations from Nybsys portfolio of base stations. Base station details can be found at 5G RU (Radio Unit)- NYBSYS . NanoLink 2302 , NanoLink 2307 and 2308 options of choice. NL2307 and NL2308 are the dual band radio with double capacity deployment. All in one indoor deployment only. No professional installation expertise are required since all are indoor radios.

User-Friendly Interface

The Starter kit comes with an intuitive user interface that simplifies the configuration of network parameters, making it accessible to both beginners and advanced users. We also offer 3 months free subscription of our cloud core. Local core is also available for purchase.

Comprehensive Resources

A rich set of educational resources, including manuals, tutorials, and example projects, helps users quickly understand LTE technology and its practical applications. Details video of the base stations can be found at YouTube

Real-Time Monitoring

Users can monitor network performance in real time through visual graphs and statistical data, enabling them to analyze and optimize LTE network behavior using TR069 based NMS system - available through our cloud hosted portal.

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