Stream Analytics

We discover useful patterns and relationships in data by analysis large chunk of information gathered from many sources


Geo-Location Analytics

NybSys Stream Analytics is a comprehensive event-processing and real-time analytics engine. It collects data, organizes them, makes it more useful and meaningful. You get all the tools needed to ingest, process, and analyze large volumes of real-time data for real-time business insights.

A Stream Analytics task consists of an input, query, and an output. Stream Analytics ingests data from many different sources. The query can be used to easily filter, sort, aggregate, and join streaming data over a period of time. You can even adjust the ordering and filtering options and time windows when preforming operations. Each task outputs the transformed data, and you have complete control over what happens in response to the information.

The solution is capable of analysing and processing large volume of fast streaming data from many sources. Data is collected from IoT devices, sensors, clickstreams, social media feeds, and applications. NybSys can handle several data sources simultaneously. After finding patterns and relationships, the engine can initiate actions based on predefined rules. Actions can be alerts, feeding information to a reporting tool, or storing information for later use.


Key Benefits

Easy to deploy and scale

Easy to Deploy & Scale

NybSys Stream Analytics is easy to deploy using the option suitable for you. It can be a fully managed serverless (PaaS) offering. Or it can be transferred to you using technology transfer. When using the PaaS model, you don’t have to provision any hardware or ma nage clusters to run your jobs. We fully manage the jobs by setting up complex compute clusters, either in the cloud or in premise. We also take care of the performance tuning necessary to run the jobs.

Easy to customize

Easy to customize

NybSys Stream Analytics uses simple open source tool s. We customize the tools with powerful functionalities. To define job functions we use a simple, declarative query language. The query language offers a wide range of functions for analysing and processing streaming data. This query language supports simp le data manipulation, aggregation functions, and complex geospatial functions. You can extend and enhance the capabilities of the query language by defining new functions.

Lower total cost of ownership

High Performance

NybSys Stream Analytics is capable of processing millions of events per second. It c an deliver results with ultra – low latencies. You can to scale up without losing the capacity to handle large complex event processing applications in real – time. It supports high performance by partitioning which allows complex queries to be parallelized a nd executed on multiple streaming nodes.

Use Cases

Public Safety


Smart City