NybSys loves to work with advanced technology. We try to use futuristic technology in everything we do. We also love to share our vision and passion with everyone. Find the things we are using, suggesting, and excited about.

Big Data Platform

Big data platform provides the features and functionalities of big data application in one single solution for developing, deploying, operating and managing big data. With our partnership with VMware, Cisco, NetApp, we offer complete big data platform that is ready to deploy Hadoop clusters.

We have expertise to combine high performance computing with the large low speed disk based Hadoop data to provide big data analytics systems.

  • Data acquisition: we have a number of sensors, gateways, taps and data management tools to collect both data streams or moving data from different database to one single location in Hadoop cluster.
  • Data Ingestion, ETL and Warehouse: We provide complete and effective Data Warehousing and Management.
  • Hadoop /HDFS: We offer massive storage for any kind of data – text , voice, video or files with enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs.
  • Stream Analytics: While data is in transit which can be sensors signal or social media graph search or any passive tap system, we provide real time stream analytics and instant decision making system for the mission critical system.
  • Data Security: We offer comprehensive data security, governance and compliance solution to protect the data
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Machine Learning

Anomaly detection, fraud protection, predictive maintenance, sentiment analysis, threat detections and many other areas of enterprise information analytics require machine to learn and make decision in a complex information processing system.

NybSys have been offering both enterprise wide variety of machine learning system for the customers for measuring and managing their business outcome.

We started with artificial intelligence a decade back using neural network algorithm mainly providing natural language processing (NLP). Eventually those NLP system were plugged with machine learning system using Tensor flow and other framework. We have framework and customers for image processing and video analytics services for large video feed analysis for the past 8 years.

Recently innovation in high performance computing opened a new era of deep learning or unsupervised machine learning using combination of high processing GPU and FPGA. We have GPU based database and up to 960 Teraflops of processing in a single box that can provide deep insight of your organization data streams or historical records.

We provide edge to cloud all stages of machine learning services which meets specific needs of your organization.

Just drop a line to us for machine learning demo. We will provide you some understanding of machine learning and deep learning where computer takes control of human decision making process.

High Performance Computing

A personal super computer? Yes we can provide you personal super computer which can be trained to whatever model you want to run. If you wish to run deep learning models we have complete platform to offer you a personal super computer to do that.

On a bigger picture, we offer complete data center solution for high performance computing at the edge. Our iG1000 is a revolutionary product which provides four high performance computing at the edge to provide you advanced video analytics system or just to manage and monitor your IoT infrastructure or just simple security of your network infrastructure.

We have custom built high performance computing solution where peta flops processing is not a dream; it is a reality and within your reach.

Contact us for any query on high performance computing. So, request for a demo.

Internet of things – IoT

There are too much buzz words in IoT. Too much noise out there in the industry. We have started working on IoT as telemetry system back in 2006. We understand the real IoT and provide you a real solution out of the all the noises in the industry.

We have a number of Sensors and gateway to connect them. Our inexpensive iG100 product can offer you to connect 4 analogue and 12 digital sensors with 4 PWM output and 4 relay output. It provides you in board CAN bus and MODBUS protocol support with Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability. The system is loaded with onchip MQTT server which you can stream data to the cloud such as AWS or you can host your own IoT event processing and decision support system.

iG200 series products offers on board FPGA and multicore CPU for larger number of sensors data aggregation and send stream to your internet hosted server in gigabit speed .

iG1000 is the high performance computing at the edge with 4 processing module options either all four can be GPU or Xilinx Ultrascale + MPSOCs. You have power of providing real time video analytics or running machine learning at the edge. You can run most of the framework at the edge. We support NVidia TX2 GPU system for your advanced tensor flow and other frameworks.