Time Attendance

Time and attendance system is a combination of hardware and software that tracks when employees start and stop work

Time and attendance system is a combination of hardware and software that tracks when employees start and stop work. You can track your employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. It reduces over payments, which are often caused by paying employees for time that have not worked. TNA systems can also be used to ensure compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance.

Nybsys uses biometric fingerprint matching or face recognition technology to identify employees. We may even work with your existing infrastructure. Any interaction with the biometric or face recognizing devices are recorded in a database. So, we record not only the first and last entry, but all movements in or out of the premises. The devices also work as an Access Control System.

The Software can calculate overtime, taking out a time consuming task away from HR. Various Reports give management valuable insight into the work habits of employees. You have work duration, late entry, early leave and any other built in reports.

Features of NybSys Time and Attendance System

Clocking in and out: Our time and attendance systems give you multiple ways to record when employees show up and leave work each day. We record not only the first entry or last exit, we also keep records of all movements in and out of the work place. This gives a better view of employee movements to you.

Biometrics: We ensure that employees aren’t clocking in and out their co-workers, known as buddy punching. To prevent buddy punching, many time and attendance systems offer different levels of biometrics. This include fingerprint or facial scans for punching in. We also have mobile device based clock in or out.

Mobile apps: Besides biometric devices, we offer geotechnology through mobile devices. Geofencing lets you set specific coordinates from where employees can punch in and out. This ensures that the employee isn’t logging their hours from home. Geolocation is another option which records specific GPS coordinates each time an employee punches in or out.

Scheduling: NybSys time and attendance systems let employers create employee schedules. It can create specific shifts and assign employees to those shifts, or they can create specific schedules for each worker.

Leave management: Our software allows businesses to log accruals for sick time, vacation time and other types of paid time off. We also let employees request time off within the software and let managers either approve or deny those requests.

Job tracking: We let employees log how long they worked on a specific project or task. This is a valuable tool for you that bill clients for the time you spend on their tasks, such as consultants and lawyers.

Key Benefits

Significant Cost Savings

Significant Cost Savings

It saves money by eliminating inaccurate time reporting, buddy punching, absenteeism, tardiness, time abuse, and overpayment.

Reduction of Errors and Improved Accuracy

Reduction of Errors and Improved Accuracy

Our automated software ensures airtight time records, minimizing the inevitable and costly errors that can result when humans are manually managing data.

Enforcement of Company Policies

Enforcement of Company Policies

Our system alert administration when clockings do not match planned schedule or seem to conflict with company policy.

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