Vehicle Security System

Vehicle Security System

NybSys Vehicle Security System provides complete peace of mind. The system ensures security of a single vehicle or hundreds of vehicle.

Our system provides different solutions for different types of security needs.

Vehicle Inspection & Surveillance System

This system will scan and record vehicle data obtained using digital equipment. It is an essential security measure to ensure that the vehicle is not carrying anything harmful. The system even monitors under the vehicle. This system generates a real-time side-to-side view and unique depth of field. Security personnel can instantly view, zoom, change angles, pause, rewind, replay and compare footage, all from a safe standoff position and without slowing traffic.

It’s a safe, quick, and thorough method of avoiding security risks arises from vehicles.

GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking is a popular vehicle monitoring system. It gives you information on

  • Real-time location of the vehicles
  • Current speed of the vehicle,
  • Engine status (On or Off)
  • Door status (Open or Closed)

The System can alert you based on some set criteria like entering or leaving a predefined area (known as Geo-fencing), exceeding a set speed limit.

The System has the capability to remotely locking the vehicle, powering off, raise alarm when accessed in an unauthorized way, parking alarm, provide fuel consumption stats, fuel changing alarm, fatigued driving alarm. The system can be integrated with in-car camera for video monitoring, temperature detection for early fire alert etc.