Video Analytics

Get meaningful insight from captured videos. Increase security or make business processes more efficient by analyzing video in real time.





Tighten your security through real-time analysis of surveillance video and improving incident response. Improve your business processes by automating tasks that are human dependent.

NybSys Video Analytics is an AI-powered video analytics software platform that can take decisions using rules that suits your needs.

Our Video Analytics comes in three flavours – and you can combine them if you need:

Security: Automate your security with advanced tools that identify objects, detect suspicious events, The system alerts you when a package is left behind unattended, when people or objects cross a user-defined line, objects are moved without authorization. You create event rules and receive notifications when it occurs, enabling you to respond to such incidents quickly. The solution is smart enough to raise an alarm when someone tries to tamper with your security cameras.

Business Process Monitoring (Tracking and Counting): Gone are the days when you need to hire a person to count people, objects manually. Our solution offers a range of capabilities for people, package, vehicle counting. The solution is smart enough to calculate occupancy and dwell-time.

Traffic Monitoring: A special scope of NybSys Video Analytics is Live Traffic Monitoring. It can count vehicles based on types, detect vehicles which are violating rules, identify vehicle using Number Plate Recognition. Your traffic management will be fully automated and seamless. Bring some order on the road by using our Traffic Monitoring using video analytics.

Business Intelligence: NybSys Video Analytics extracts operational data from surveillance video using AI. We transform the data into useful information – traffic volumes, movement trends and motion patterns. It will tell you where your customers are spending time, which rows they avoid. You or your team can make informed decisions about operational and resource allocation aspects using the info.

Key Benefits

Increased Operational Efficiency

Increased Operational Efficiency

We simplify operation by replacing manual operation with automated detection and actions. It eliminates the need to rely on the alertness or discipline of your team. You have useful visibility of your operations and premises in real-time . Analyzing long term data gives you valuable insight on where improvement is needed and how to do that.

Easy and scalable deployment

Easy and scalable deployment

The solution is easily scalable with support for a large number of cameras. In most cases, all you need is to add cameras and connect them to the infrastructure. We support almost all current camera models.

Easy and scalable deployment

Easy and scalable deployment

The solution is easily scalable with support for a large number of cameras.

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