Face recognition is the most promising applications in the field of image analysis.

Face Recognition is not a jargon anymore with myriad use cases and implementations in recent time. NybSys has strongly marked its entry with a robust multipurpose face recognition and analysis system called “NybFace”. NybFace paves the way in delivering automated attendance and monitoring systems with real-life implications as an entailed part of our life. Novelty of this system is that it generates real time responses based on a person’s identity. For example, an alert will be sent if an intruder enters restricted premises. An automated log generation of a person’s activity without any human intervention. An easy-to-train, user-friendly UI, real time person recognition are the key features of this system.  

Touch Free Attendance System

NybSys saves hospital budget by cutting overtime cost and maintaining hospital scheduling and integrated attendance registry system. Soon after completing hospital use cases, it has been compelling use case for any other service business where scheduling and attendance is vital for improving service delivery as well as providing proper utilization of man power for factory or large business entities. We have both biometric finger print based attendance registry system as well as CCTV camera based system. In both cases we utilize high accuracy sensors to detect the employee with touch or no touch access control. Our IG100 based access control technologies are interfaced with attendance registry system which allows both guest and employee registration with a simpler process. Student and faculty attendance registration without touch became popular in this COVID situation. NybSys offers a seamless and automated attendance registry system by applying modern machine learning algorithm. We design both hardware and software and we have more than traditional time and attendance clocking system. For details please contact our sales representatives.


  • Detects and recognizes faces in real time.
  • Can be trained on the go as the model can group face features real time.
  • Can view live video feed with ID tag on it.
  • Has the ability to work with any types of video feed like USB, IP etc.
  • Can be integrated with IoT gateway.