Theft Detection System, Traffic Monitoring System, Illegal Parking Detection, Crowd Monitoring System, Suspicious Person Detection, Media Monitoring System

Survello is a unique appliance-based, innovative video analytics solution. Any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP cameras can be a quick intelligent camera once it is connected a survello system. Even existing video camera footage from existing system can instantly offer advanced video analytics system by using survello. Survello offers of different modules and features -Theft Detection, Illegal Parking Detection, Crowd Monitoring, One-way Traffic Monitoring, Suspicious Person Detection and Media Monitoring System etc.

Survello provides a set of highly sophisticated AI-powered video analytics capabilities for real-time detection of events of interest, object tracking, and quick extraction of events and data from recorded video.

The platform was built, from the ground up, to analyze and handle massive amounts of video data. It’s highly scalable, efficiently supporting small to large-scale deployments to suit installations of all sizes and utilizing its open architecture approach to maximize the potential of any surveillance system.

Our product offers instant intelligence to the CCTV video camera monitoring centre to effectively and constantly perform the same job what a human could have done otherwise. Over the years, we found, human resources engaged for real time monitoring of security camera footage are compromised by physical limitation of human concentration to a screen more than 2 hours. Our Analytics platform offers beyond the human boundaries and enable human skills to response the event to detection of potential threats rather seating in front of screen.

If you want to feel what our AI powered analytics can offer, give us a call or drop an email for us.


  • Detects and Tracks intruder who trespasses any area
  • Customizable area of interest
  • Records data for further analysis
  • Detects anomaly in a given setting
  • It marks the anomaly with an overlay
  • Shows the activity graph
  • Detects whether a vehicle is stationary in a no parking zone
  • Marks the object with an overlay
  • Capable of buzzing alarm or sending the vehicle information to authority