Dual Packet Core

A scalable packet core for advanced network.

What is 5G Core?

The 5G core (5GC) authenticates controls, enforces policies, and manages the mobility of the 5G devices to ensure reliable, secure connectivity to the network.

5G-enabled devices are connected to 5G RAN, which also connects to the 5G core network, and finally, the 5GC connects to the internet and other services and applications.

There are two configurations of 5GCs are deployed: Non-standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) modes. NSA combines 4G EPC with 5GC, and SA only manages devices connected to only 5G NR RAN.

5G Core

What are the Components of 5G Core?

5G Core disaggregated 4G evolved packet core and introduced new functions. The following are the 5GC components: connectivity and mobility management, authentication and authorization, subscriber data management, policy management, and more.

5GC system functions are completely software-based and designed as cloud-native 5G core (agnostic to the underlying cloud infrastructure), providing deployment agility and flexibility. The following are the core functions of 5GC:

  • User plane Function (UPF)
  • Data network (DN)
  • Core Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)
  • Authentication Server Function (AUSF)
  • Session Management Function (SMF)
  • Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)
  • Network Exposure Function (NEF)
  • Policy Control function (PCF)
  • Unified Data Management (UDM)
  • Application Function (AF)

CoreLink 5G Core Architecture

CoreLink 5G Cores (5GC) evolved from Magma core and offered you complete deployment flexibility by allowing you to choose where to deploy your private network according to your needs.
5G Core Architecture

5G Core at Edge

5GC network architecture starts with 5GC at Edge. Deploy Nybsys 5GC at the Edge of the network where 5G RAN exists before connecting to the internet. Manage the entire infrastructure by running on-purpose build appliances to drive low latency and ultra-reliability. Just add one more server to host our Orchestrator and NMS and build a complete 5G network at the Edge. For details, please view our datasheet.

5G Core at Edge

5GC at Hybrid

Manage and run your private 5G network using our Edge 5GC and run Orchestrator and NMS on a public cloud environment. All the advantages of the cloud combined with complete visibility and full control are guaranteed by the Nybsys 5G Connectivity Platforms. Keep your traffic under control with an open solution while leaving the signaling component of the network on the public cloud. It provides the flexibility of remote device management and administration, just like Cisco Meraki. Datasheet for Orchestrator is given here.

5G Core at Hybrid

5G Core at Cloud

Tunnel all 5G Run traffic to the cloud (AWS VPC or Azure SD-WAN) and connect the containerized Nybsys 5GC to the cloud. Our edge 5GC works as well as in the cloud, which reduces the cost and improves efficiency and manages both cloud-hosted 5GC, Orchestrator and NMS on the cloud, providing the most advanced toolset for the private 5G network. Mobile Network Operator’s integration can be provided in the cloud to enable devices to roam to the private or remote network. Details of the Federation gateway can be found here.

5G Core at Cloud

Benefits of Nybsys 5G Core

The 5GC is built to provide rapid data transfer, adaptability, and low energy consumption. Here are the benefits of 5G core:

5G Core Smart management

Smart management

Our 5GC manages the networks more efficiently with more automation, less downtime, better predictability, and more agility to add new services and applications to your private 5G Network.

5GC Expanded infrastructure

Expanded infrastructure

5G core network solutions expand remote infrastructure with federation between existing MNOs and new infrastructure providers.

5GC Beyond licensed spectrum

Beyond licensed spectrum

Add capacity and reach using Wi-Fi and CBRS, even with licensed spectrum constraints.

Nybsys 5G Core Is Not Another 5GC

Nybsys 5GC is not another 5GC; it is an unparallel and proven technology that started as an open-source magma revolution; now, Nybsys extended it to the next level.

Easy to deploy

Get up and running quickly with Nybsys-embedded hardware platform based Edge 5GC

3GPP compliant

Compliant converged packet core that supports 4G (S1U, S1-MME), 5G NSA, 5G SA (N1, N2, N3), and integration with third party HSS, OCS and PCRF.


Nybsys Edge 5GC interoperates with a broad range of equipment helping you avoid vendor lock-in and enjoy enhanced flexibility

Open APIs

Integrate with your existing BSS/OSS or a new breed of management platforms using simple to use yet robust and open APIs.

Local breakout

Skip unnecessary backhaul traffic and deliver user traffic to the internet at the most efficient and cost effective location.

5G Core Enabled by Nybsys

5G Core Enabled by NybSys

The Nybsys 5G Core network is the proven private mobile core network platform and is built to meet the requirement from edge to cloud deployment. Edge 5GC’s key functionalities include AMF, AUSF, UDM, SMF, and UPF.

It also supports advanced networking capabilities such as network slicing and voice services using VoNR will be supported towards mid of 2023.

All edge 5GC can be orchestrated and managed using the cloud-based centralized console, the plug ‘n play type field deployment of 5GC became a huge advantage for the enterprise where the internet has a breakout feature locally, and control signals are managed by central 5G orchestrator and NMS.

It offered flexibility and distributed 5G Core near the field objects, enabling low latency and reliability features of the 5G network. We offer 5GC federation services to connect with any other cores for roaming and service aggregations.

Edge 5GC instances are containerized and can be hosted centrally and manage private 5G networks. Our 5G orchestrator and NMS work with centralized 5GC instances like edge cores. This provides huge flexibility to the customer whether to put the 5GC at the edge and carry forward only control traffic or bring both control and user traffic to the central 5GC.

Only Nybsys offers a dynamic 5GC which can be deployed at the edge or central and managed using a single console.

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