5G RAN is the mega highway of your device data to the internet

5G RAN is the mega highway of your device data to the internet.

What is 5G RAN?

A radio access network (RAN) connects 5G-enabled devices to the 5G core network. It is a major part of the 5G network. The 5G RAN consists of base stations (gNodeB), remote radio units (RRU), and antenna systems. It handles the radio communications between the user equipment (UE), such as a cellphone, computer, or any remotely controlled machine to the 5G core network (5GC).

In 5G, the gNodeB can be split into a Centralized Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU), allowing distributed architecture. RRUs can be connected to a front haul gateway to combine multiple units with a DU, multiple DUs can be connected to a CU, and finally, CU connects to the core network.

Nybsys offers different 5G radio access network deployment options and configurations to meet your requirement. Contact our sales for more details about a 5G RAN tailored to your need.

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5G RAN enabled by NybSys

5G RAN (Radio Access Network) technology is rapidly transforming the way we connect and communicate, and NybSys is at the forefront of this revolution. Their cutting-edge 5G radio access network solutions enable faster and more reliable communication, with lightning-fast download and upload speeds, ultra-low latency, and seamless connectivity.

By leveraging the power of advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and cloud computing, NybSys is bringing next-generation connectivity to the forefront. If you’re looking for a game-changing 5G RAN solution, NybSys is the perfect partner for your business. Their expertise and innovation can help you stay ahead of the curve in this exciting new era of communication.

5G RAN Architecture

5G RAN architecture is a new way of implementing mobile phone networks using 5G technology. It is designed to handle the increased data demand that 5G has created, as well as the need for faster speeds and low latency.

RAN architecture 5G has evolved over the past few years, transforming from a monolithic architecture to Open RAN functional split architecture and small cell architecture. Nybsys offers all three-architecture flavors for our customers depending on what applicable requirements they want to achieve.

Benefits of NybSys 5G Radio Access Network

Nybsys simplifies the deployment of RAN in 5G. This allows businesses to enjoy the 5G radio access network benefits from our different 5G RAN solutions.

Cost Reduction

Unlike our competitors, Nybsys offers a very cost-effective solution. To satisfy the high speed, low latency, and ultra-reliability cable-like network, Nybsys offers 5G solutions at almost the same price as a cable network with increased flexibility and reliability.
Using commodity hardware and customized signal processing accelerator development, Nybsys offers 5G solutions 30% cheaper than our European competitors. Why do you need to import 5G RAN when we can supply everything from America?

A Gain in Business Agility

There is no need to wait for a hardware refresh as there is no hardware dependency in the baseband code of this private cell network. The backhaul network connects RAN to the core network over the cloud and gives full access to handling the private network.

Spectrum Options

The 5G radio access network runs on a spectrum stack, including- licensed, shared, and unlicensed frequencies. 5G New Radios (NR) offered by Nybsys includes all three major groups of 5G bands, sub 6 GHz, Sub 1 GHz, and Millimeter-wave. This allows high bandwidth with low latency, which the administration panel can regulate. Want to learn more? Please visit our 5G Frequency bands options.


5G Connected Edge

5G Connected Edge

High Flexibility and Availability

The private network removes dependency covering the public network. As a result, an enterprise can control the optimum usage of the service by detecting any unauthorized traffic. Its priority-based bandwidth division also helps to eliminate any unwanted congestion.

Configurable QoS

Enterprise network administrators can set their own Quality of Service settings for different types of network traffic without being at the mercy of public carrier network administrators. This control allows enterprises to run the network they best see fit for optimum business.


Man-in-the-middle-type attacks are easier on Wi-Fi networks by spoofing wireless AP names. 5G requires SIM modules and an encrypted challenge-response mechanism which is harder to break.

Wide Area Coverage

The Malin private 5G architecture is scalable to future networking upgrades, spanning from 4G / 5G to next-gen revisions of technology. Enterprises don’t have to jump on expensive 5G right away but start with adequate coverage with 4G, with a path to 5G from Nybsys.

Key Features of 5G RAN

NybSys 5G radio access network addresses challenges and provides fast and secure connectivity from a device to 5G central core or distributed 5G core system. Malin 5G’s scalable deployment infrastructure makes private 5G networks more reliable, robust & efficient. If your organization prioritizes high-speed, ultra low latency with cable like reliability, ultimate security, smooth connectivity, and mobility, you can benefit from Malin 5G RAN offered by Nybsys.

Flexible and Scalable Deployments

Malin 5G RAN offers scalability at large. A customer can buy one AIO RAN device with the 5G Access Gateway (AGW) and connect a few devices to get the benefits of 5G radio access network, almost like a Wi-Fi Access Point and a Controller. The locally hosted AGW can connect to the centrally hosted orchestrator and extend integration with a larger 5G core system. Combining local and central 5G cores functioning at the same time, provide customer scalability as much as they want. Scalable and flexible architecture is also available our RU, FW, DU, CU and 5GC components where millions of devices can be connected to get flexible and scalable 5G solutions.

Enhanced Reliability

5G private network is as reliable as cable connected fiber optic network. The reliability of the radio access network architecture has been enhanced by over the decades of innovation and adaptations. Right now, Malin 5G RAN can offer below 25 ms latency and accommodate more users and gigabit bandwidth across a larger area.

5G Time Critical Applications

5G technology enabled new time-critical applications such as industrial robots, indoor drone navigations, and machine vision at factories or real-time monitoring of critical infrastructure. Nybsys is a partner of ONF, and we can provide AI at the edge using Aether platform to enable time-critical applications. For details, please contact us.

Support Versatile Deployment

Looking for large-scale fixed-area coverage or a mobile vehicle-mounted ad hoc network setup? Nybsys 5G RAN platform provides both functionalities, along with the convenience of deployable “manpack” that is ideal for deployment in remote areas. In the smaller configurations, NybSys offers a Network in a Box (NIB) of All in One (AIO) system that includes a small 5G core.

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5G RAN Solution Components

5G Macro cell is designed to give access to a large number of customers from traditional cell phone towers. The Macro cell can offer both 4G and 5G solutions from the same hardware infrastructure.

Usually, a 5G macro cell has 3 or 4 remote radio heads, and those are connected to a single DU at the bottom of the site tower; the different site then connects to 5G CUs, and finally, those connects to the central core.

User Equipment (UE) can seamlessly hand over from one cell to another cell and from one site to another. Depending on the topography, building, and distribution of the designated outdoor coverage area, Nybsys’ team of experts can provide coverage predictions for 5G Macro cells and offer you a telecom solution for your private 5G network.

Typically, two types of Macro sites are required, one is 3 cells macro site with sector antennas, and the other is just Omni antennas.

Please contact us to know what type of macro site you need and how it can offer you a telecom carrier-like 5G RAN solution for your private 5G network.

5G Small Cell

The 5G Small cells are base stations that provide coverage to a small network segment. Nybsys offers both indoor and outdoor small cells. We have all AIO-based base stations as well as O-RAN split architecture for our small cell base stations.

They are usually deployed to extend in-building coverage, stadiums, train stations, malls, and areas with high data capacity requirements with higher user density. Typical RAN component includes 5G indoor RU, which are connected to DU, and eventually, all DUs are connected to CU and finally to the 5GC. The following diagram shows typical small-cell deployment for in-building coverage.

5G Small cell indoor coverage:
Enterprise 5G RAN often mixes macro-outdoor coverage and small-cell indoor coverage to leverage the distance needed outside and the user density and performance required indoors. Mixing of outdoor 5G macro cell and indoor 5G small cell offers a combination of solutions that helps to build seamless networks across different topography.

5G Manpack

Highly integrated 5G base station contains 2×2 MIMO, 10/20 Watts per port options, core network, and multimedia servers. Quickly complete the deployment of the on-site 5G emergency network. The unit comes with the NYBSYS Sentra PTT server, which enables half-duplex communication and interoperability with the LMR network.

It is suitable for emergency handling scenarios such as forest fire prevention, fire emergency, earthquake rescue, etc. the system supports a variety of backhaul methods, including satellite, ad hoc network, optical fiber, microwave, 4G/5G public network, etc.