Indoor Connectivity with
Nybsys Nanolink

The Cost-Effective Base Station Solution

What is Nanolink?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications, achieving robust indoor network coverage efficiently remains a pivotal challenge for businesses. Nybsys is at the forefront of addressing this challenge with its innovative Nanolink solution. Nybsys Nanolink is reshaping how businesses approach indoor connectivity by offering cost-effective base stations that leverage broadband internet as a transport network. Enhanced with IPSec and an AI-orchestrated controller, Nanolink not only meets but exceeds Return on Investment (ROI) expectations for low-density indoor environments.

Ultimate Indoor Coverage

Nybsys Nanolink offers an affordable indoor solution that leverages broadband Internet to extend coverage areas. Featuring IPSec security and a Femto controller, Nanolink efficiently offloads traffic from Macro cell sites, boosts coverage, and seamlessly integrates with 2G/3G networks..

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Our new O-RAN-Compliant radios connect 400 users with low latency
and high bandwidth, powered by edge cloud baseband processing.
  • 4G
  • 2*125 mW
  • 20 MHz

NanoLink 2302

  • 4G
  • 2*250 mW
  • Dual radios

NanoLink 2308

  • 5G
  • 4x 250 mW
  • ORAN

NanoLink 2350

Unveiling Key Features of Nybsys Nanolink

Nybsys Nanolink is designed to streamline network management and enhance coverage through its unique features

Macro Site Offloading

Efficiently redistributes network traffic to alleviate congestion on macro sites.

Femto Controller

Enables precise control and management of small cell networks.

IPSec for Secured Tunnel Over Broadband

Guarantees secure data transmission across the network.

TR069 Management System

Offers a standardized framework for remote device management

Circuit Switch Fall Back (CSFB)

Ensures seamless voice call continuity in LTE networks.

Self Organizing Network (SON)

Automates network configuration and optimization tasks, significantly reducing manual intervention.

Advantages of Choosing Nybsys Nanolink

Nybsys Nanolink’s integrated small cell base stations are available in 150 mW and 250 mW models, suitable for single or dual cell operations. The highlight of Nanolink is its plug-and-play installation, making it a breeze for businesses to enhance their network coverage and support up to 192 RRC (Radio Resource Control) connections. Choosing Nybsys Nanolink brings numerous benefits to the table:

Plug-and-Play Installation

Simplifies the deployment process, saving time and resources.

Reduced Capital Expenditure (CapEx)

Offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing indoor coverage.

Increased Capacity & Coverage

Boosts network performance even in challenging low-density environments.

Effortless Maintenance

Minimizes the need for frequent manual adjustments.


Easily adapts to growing network demands.

Faster ROI

Achieves quicker returns on investment, thanks to its efficiency and performance.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Nybsys understands that every indoor environment presents unique challenges. Hence, Nanolink offers a wide array of options including frequency bands, transmit power, cell capacity, and the choice between TDD or FDD duplexing methods. This flexibility ensures that businesses can find a solution that perfectly matches their specific femtocell requirements, guaranteeing high performance, low latency, and superior design.

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